Grey’s Anatomy (S12E22): “Mama Tried”


Review: Arizona and Callie are ready to fight custody over Sofia. When the episode starts we see them trying to prevent going to trial and settle instead. But they still can’t agree on who gets Sofia and when (weeks, weekends, holidays).  So Arizona and Callie will see each other in court, meaning one of them will lose. Callie has a better witness line up since Owen, Meredith, Penny and Bailey are willing to testify for her, while Arizona has only got dr. Webber and DeLuca (her roommate). Little Sfia is not aware that her two mothers are fighting and is being brought over to be with Amelia and Maggie for the time being as Callie, Meredith and Penny go to court.

Owen and DeLuca are the first to take the stand. They both do well. Owen tells everyone who committed Callie is as a doctor and that she is just an empathetic person.  DeLuca says how nice it is to live in a house with a kid in it. The house is a more happy place, when Sophia is there. Then it’s Penny’s turn. She’s doing great and she’s ready to show off how much she has learned about Sophia even though she has only known her for a few months. But  she panics when she doesn’t remember what Sophia was wearing this morning and forgets what grade Sophia’s in.

When Bailey is up, it looks like she feels a bit uncomfortable. She is answering questions about Arizona and Callie’s schedules. Callie’s lawyer is trying to prove that Arizona’s schedule is busier and unpredictable. And this would make Callie more reliable as a mother. Of course Bailey is not happy about these questions since no one would have asked her that,  if Callie and/or Arizona would have been a man. She wants to make it perfectly clear that it is not a bad thing for a woman to have a career. Also, she is pretending to be a lawyer herself objecting in the middle of her cross-examination because of speculation. Even though Bailey is testifying for Callie she is still having Arizona’s back.

Also, I am still confused why Meredith, Bailey and Owen would pick Callie’s side? There has been no explanation whatsoever on why they would testify supporting Callie and not Arizona. And the same goes for dr. Webber and DeLuca. Anyways. Meredith is talking about how single parents help each other out when it’s needed. And that it is important to have a support system. By saying this she ends up helping Arizona more than Callie, because Sofia’s support system is in Seattle (not New York). Finally dr. Webber takes the stand (he should have been Arizona’s strongest witness), but Callie’s lawyer takes the opportunity to slut-shame Arizona. She suggest Arizona perhaps isn’t such a great role model since he and Arizona like to go out to play Trivia Night at bars. Every time Arizona chose to go out with dr. Webber she dropped Sofia off at Callie’s. They have the text messages to prove it.

Last but not least are Callie’s and Arizona’s testimony. Callie talks about being in the car accident, while she was pregnant with Sofia. The only reason she is alive right now is because of Sofia. She’s the reason she fought so hard to stay alive. It’s a touching speech, but I don’t see how it would justify giving Callie custody over Sofia. Arizona on the other hand snaps at Callie’s lawyer for implying she would be less of Sofia’s mother because they don’t share the same DNA. Arizona makes it perfectly clear that she is not less of a mother just because she adopted Sofia. Unfortunately Arizona’s testimony is cut short. She has to quickly finish up because she is needed in the hospital to save someone else’s baby.

When Arizona returns to court she points out to Callie that she went too far by allowing certain things to be said (referring to Callie’s attorney slut-shaming Arizona). Arizona thinks she had to have lost the case, but is actually the one who gets custody over Sofia. And so it is Arizona who is the one to pick up Sofia at Meredith’s house leaving a devastated Callie behind. I am curious to know what Callie will do now. Will she still move to New York when Sofia’s isn’t coming with her? What will this mean for her relationship with Penny?