Special Correspondents (2016) 


  • Ricky Gervais (Ian Finch)
  • Eric Bana (Frank Bonneville)

The movie begins by introducing the characters who are the two main characters who we see throughout the whole movie. 

Ian Finch & Frank Bonneville one the technician and the other being the ‘local celebrity’ who is a big fish in the small pond waiting for a chance to jump into the ocean. Both working at the radio station covering the news. 

We see how Frank plays dirty and pretending to be a cop to get the story. He is warned by his manager for his behaviour and is in his last warning. 

Ian gets invited to a party where he shows up early with his wife Eleanor. Unfortunately for him, he has to leave to cover a story and his wife then sees Frank and pretends to be single and ends up sleeping with him. 

Frank gets called by the manager to go to Ecuador and Ian was the only one available. Going to the restaurant next door he sees Ian not believing his wife wants to him gone and is writing a good Goodbye letter misspelling suicide 😂

They have their talk and at the end are heading to the airport where Ian still complains about his wife. Frank tells him to throw his letter and he mistakenly threw the passports, tickets and cash. 

This was a weak basis for the whole movie, but it doesn’t matter much because the real comedy and fun goes on after this. 

Going back to the restaurant and you can say it was the ‘Walk of Shame‘ they do some brainstorming coming up with the idea of bringing Ecuador to USA. Upon thinking of this they set up the room and begin their reports making everyone feel sad and the whole country be behind them while they say behind the television laughing. 

Things like these never end well, the bad news came when they were told to go to the embassy for extraction. Like any person who lies once they have to continue forever. They decided that they got kidnapped which then leads to Eleanor going on TV singing a song and then getting huge sums of money by her ‘One dollar for a hero’ song. 

By now Ian realises his wife is there for the fame gets over her. And you actually notice how she is using it all for fame, her song up on iTunes for 2 weeks straight and she even said forget them on a talk show to remind her fans of the new album. 

It actually shows how fame can change a person, some people are there for the money and not for the person. Most importantly that scams like these happen all the time. This was shown in a large priority in but many other news can actually be made up on the news you watch or altered to fit their motive. 

They decide to go to Ecuador and go to Ian’s house to get the money Eleanor collected. Deciding to split it 50-50 they were on their way to Ecuado where they get caught by bandits. Hollywood comes into play as at the end of the day Ian managed to shoot them all after pooing his pants but they reach the embassy.

Going back to America as heroes Ian goes to the girl in his office he didn’t know liked him and it’s a happy ending. 

The movie shows how journalist can actually distort the news to their motives or even make up a whole story to cover another story. How fame can affect people and what people don’t do for fame. But most importantly it shows that never come up with a plan like this because it only works in Hollywood! 😂😂

And as they always say behind every man’s success is a woman. Ian Finch went in all of this adventure to prove to his wife he isn’t boring and into collectibles. 😂