The 100: (S03E14) ‘Red Sky at Morning’

I went into this episode with a pre-conceived idea of what the episode would be about. I initially thought Luna would eventually take the chip/flame and become the new Commander, but I was mistaken. Things didn’t turn out the way I thought and now I am lost, just like Clarke and co.

An attempt by Raven to destroy Ally goes horribly wrong, with a meagre success. Clarke and the rest of the group stuck on the Oil Rig fail to convince Luna to take the pill, even after the attack and Murphy’s group also fail in their attempt.

This means that nothing really happened this time around. Yes, Ally has one power source now and she has a kill switch but there is no way they can find out what the code is since Luna hasn’t taken the flame. So what did we learn? I was annoyed with Murphy falling for Ally’s stalling tricks so when they too failed, I started to see what this episode was really about… which is filling up an episode spot to make up the season.

I’ve never really been a fan of filler episodes but I do know when to appreciate one. This episode was about the various groups plans and how they lead them to this ‘nowhere-to-turn-spot’. I have no idea what everyone’s plan is and what will happen next but I’m eager to see what happens next week.

Not one of the strongest episodes this season but still pretty good.