The Family: (S01E11) “Election Day”


Officer Meyer has Doug in an interrogation room.  He says you are wasting your time. I am not the guy you are looking for. Officer Meyer asks if he was in the mall the day “Adam” was there. He admits that he was there with his girlfriend and that he had a blue jacket on. He says that doesn’t make me a kidnapper. It makes me a country song. Officer Meyer asks Doug where Agent Clements is. Then she asks if he needs to take a pill to have sex with Jane. Then she asks about his family life and his parents divorcing and how one of her mom’s boyfriends had sex with him until he thought it was normal to keep an 8 year old boy in a pit. Officer Meyer is really pushing him here. Doug says you mastered Google. She says it’s a pretty common story. He says she gave up her whole life for this moment, what does she want to know. She is holding him as long as she can which is up to 36 hours.

At the Warren house Willa wakes up to find Ben in her room. Ben asks about confession. He wants to know what you do at confession. Willa explains it to him. Ben asks if it works. Willa says not for everything. He says he didn’t mean to scare her and leaves. She locks the door behind him.

The next day the Warren family has gone out to vote and the crowd of reporters asks “Adam” how it felt to cast his first vote and how he voted. Officer Meyer has called John and says they have the guy in custody and they want “Adam” to identify him.

Meanwhile, Jane is trying to saw Officer Clements free but it isn’t working. She says we will talk to him when he gets back. He says that’s not going to work. He calls her an idiot for believing that she can talk sense into Doug when she knows that he kept an 8 year old in captivity. Officer Clements tells Jane what supplies to get so she can cut off his thumbs so he can escape the cuffs. OMG!

Ben, John, and Claire are at the police station and Officer Meyer is asking Ben what his captor used to say and Ben says “Bracelet, key” and they have each suspect in the lineup step forward and say these words. Doug steps forward to say these words and Ben makes a noise but then denies that Doug is the kidnapper. What?!?!?! Why?!??! Ben wants to keep going with the other suspects. Everyone is arguing about this. Then Ben says he wants to go home. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!

Ten years ago Hank is working as an accountant and doing well. Someone asks him to join him for lunch and Hank says he has something to do. Hank uses his lunch period to go watch Adam play ball at recess. Again Hank has tears in his eyes. Hank wants to be better but he can’t seem to help who he is.

Back to present day, Hank is watching the news. He can’t settle on a story to watch. He seems restless. He calls someone. He says he is from the police station and he understands there has been a break in the Adam Warren case and a suspect is in custody and the tip came from Hank Asher. He must have called a tip line?

Bridey is at a café asking if they have Wi-Fi? The waitress says we don’t get too many people in here working on their computers. Bridey says she will want to read this story.

Officer Meyer lets Doug go and says thank you for your help. She hands Doug his jacket. He says I hope you find the guy, I really do. He tells her to relax and that she needs to enjoy her job.

Claire and Ben are at home. Ben asks Claire when they will count the votes. She says when the polls close. Claire asks Ben when the kidnapper had them start wearing the bracelets. Ben says when they were older and started fighting back. He said Adam fought back the most. Claire asks if Ben is absolutely sure he wasn’t in the lineup. Ben says yes and that Officer Meyer has been wrong before.

Officer Meyer runs into John. They talk about the lineup. John can’t stop himself from hugging Officer Meyer. Then he tells her not to come near his family again. She gets a strange look on her face at this point.

Later Officer Meyer is following Doug. She must have placed a tracker in his jacket because she is looking at an app on her phone.

Meanwhile Officer Clements is telling Jane how to cut off his thumbs. He is telling her about his husband and that he is coming home and to cut off his damn thumbs. Jane does it. Officer Clements screams. My stomach clenched.

At the Warren house Claire is calling constituents asking if they have voted yet. Danny is ordering pizzas. “Adam Warren” is also calling constituents asking if they have voted yet. Willa tells “Adam” to come help her. Willa tells Ben he is going to say this governor thing is too much for him and that he wants to go to a special school a long ways away that specializes in his trauma. Ben says his mom won’t let him go. Willa says when I tell her she will. Ben says he still has the $10,000 and will give it back. She asks if that is what her brother’s life is worth and walks out of the room.

Bridey is still sitting in the café. The waitress says I am cutting you off after 11 cups of coffee. You need to eat something. Bridey confesses to sleeping with both the brother and the sister involved in this story. The waitress remains calm and asks her what she wants to eat. Bridey finally opts for pie.

Meanwhile Officer Meyer is still trying to track Doug. She is in an arcade. Is Doug hunting for his next victim? Did he figure out she was tracking him and ditch the coat? Did he ditch the tracker? Officer Meyer realizes she lost him and goes outside to see a bunch of kids skateboarding. One of them is wearing Doug’s jacket. Officer Meyer asks where he got it. He says some guy gave me $40 to wear it. Doug is a smart guy.

Back to ten years ago, Hank is stopped by a police officer while he is out at the playground. He is told he has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Today, Hank is talking to Officer Meyer asking when it is going to be on TV. Officer Meyer says the kid didn’t ID him so she had to let him go. The evidence is circumstantial. Officer Meyer says what do you want? Hank says he wants her to arrest the right man. Officer Meyer says you could cure cancer and the sun wouldn’t shine for you tomorrow. He says everyone makes mistakes. Officer Nina says some make more than most people.

At the Warren house there is still a lot of activity going on. Ben is asking John about the governor’s mansion and if he will have a bigger room. Willa asks where Claire is. She is writing her speech. No one knows if it is an acceptance speech or a concession speech. Willa asks Danny if he wants to get out of there. Danny says yes.

Officer Clements comes to. Jane couldn’t finish the job. I think she cut one thumb off and stopped because of all the blood and then he passed out. They hear what could be Doug coming home. Officer Clements tells Jane to do it now but she runs up the stairs.

Ten years ago Hank goes to see his boss Ted. Ted tells him to sit down. Hank tries to talk about work. Ted shows him his arrest booking sheet saying they notify your employer. Hank says oh. Ted says he doesn’t know what to say. Hank says he is not a bad person. Ted asks what are you Hank? Hank says he doesn’t know. Ted says legally I am not allowed to fire you. Hank is thinking. He says he will quit. No Hank! Fight! Ted says thank you. Hank says I made a terrible mistake. Ted says my nephew is the same age so it is personal for Ted which I can respect.

Back to present day. Someone knocks on Hank’s door. It is Claire! She asks if she can come in. Hank says all right and lets her in. She tells him his mother used to always host bridge club before he came back home. Hank looks uncomfortable. He asks Claire why she is there. Hank tells Claire all about Doug being at the house and the park that night and how Doug watched Adam. Claire asks how Hank knows. Hank says because I watched your son too. Claire leaves.

Willa and Danny are at a gas station. Willa is drinking an icee and Danny is drinking vodka and adds some to her icee. Danny tells Willa she’s not worth it. Willa says what? Danny says Bridey. Willa says how do you know? Danny says that you two are banging? Willa says you mean I am gay? Danny says I never see you date guys and Bridey is super shady and Willa can do better. Willa is crying. Then he says he can’t tell if she is laughing or crying. Willa says she can’t either. She says I think I just came out to you and she seems to be laughing now.

Doug is home with a bag full of groceries. Jane is sitting in the kitchen asking where he has been. Doug says I was at the market. She says for two days? I would have asked the same question. Doug says he was trying to get them out of this. He asks her what happened? He asks her why there is blood on the counter. She says she doesn’t know. He says you don’t know? Doug says it’s on your face and all over your hands. Doug says were you trying to help him? Just with his wound Jane says. Doug says that’s fresh blood Jane. Were you trying to get him out? She says no. Doug says then what did you do? She says I had the baby. I feel for that poor child with those two for parents. I’ll adopt that child. LOL!

Back at the Warren house Willa returns. Claire says to Willa that he makes cabinets and looks like an average person, would help old ladies across the street, and doesn’t look like a monster. Claire says the kidnapper was in the lineup and Ben lied. Claire recognizes Ben’s tell. He does something with his hands when he lies. Claire says Ben looked at the man who took my son and let him go. Why? Willa says she doesn’t know. Claire says I think you do. Willa says to protect himself. Willa says the man who took your son isn’t a person. He’s a monster. He didn’t kill Adam. Ben did. Everyone erupts into applause. Willa says we won. So apparently Claire is now Governor Warren.

Ten years ago Hank is unpacking some boxes from a truck. Adam is there asking about a ship in a bottle. Adam introduces himself. Hank says I’m Hank.

Present day, Hank is at home looking at the phone. He has one new message. It’s the doctor down at the clinic saying he missed his hormone injection today and if he waits too long the urges will return. Hank deletes the message and walks away. What does that mean? Does Hank want to act on his urges? Oh boy. That wouldn’t be good for anyone.

Willa is giving the thank you speech. Where is Claire? Shouldn’t Claire be making the speech? Willa then says her mother lost her voice and that she will give her acceptance speech as soon as she is well. Willa thanks the crowd again.

Jane goes downstairs to Officer Clements. She says Doug won’t hurt him but he has to do something. She says make them stop looking for you. She is holding a cell phone. Officer Meyer is at the police station and sees something on the floor. It is a bottle top. Officer Meyer picks it up with a napkin.

Bridey is talking to the waitress about dating the brother and sister at the same time and lack of morals. Bridey asks the waitress what her regret is. The waitress says she was 17 and stupid and had an even more stupid 17 year old boyfriend and landed in jail. She was in jail for two years. She says by the time she got out she had lost her boy to the foster system. Bridey asks what was your son’s name? She said Ben. Bridey makes a call and says she is four hours away. She got the mom. OMG! We just found Ben’s mom!

Back at the Warren house Ben is knocking on Claire’s door asking “Mom” and Claire is just sitting on the floor by the door. Claire apparently cannot deal with the fact that Ben killed her son and that he let his kidnapper go. That’s not something I could deal with either.

So this show had a few big reveals. What did you think of the episode? Next week is the finale. Do you think one hour is enough to tie up all the loose ends and answer all the questions? I don’t. I think we might need a season two.