Castle: (S08E21) “Hell to Pay”


Castle begins with Alexis looking out at a thunderstorm. Hayley is with her at Castle’s office. They say they are in no mood to leave the party. A guy enters the office dragging an axe on the floor which is trailing blood. He takes the axe and smashes a window. The girls hear the noise and ask if someone is trying to break in? Hayley goes to get Castle’s gun and the guy falls to the floor before Hayley can shoot him.

Castle and Beckett are at home and he asks her why she still has her clothes on. She got a phone call about a body. Then Castle’s emergency alarm goes off from his office. Beckett and Castle go down to his office. Laney is there and says the victim had a punctured artery and would have died in about thirty minutes. He died about eight or eight thirty pm. He has a hospital bracelet saying his name is Gabriel Shaw and he was a patient at a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane.

Castle, Esposito, & Ryan go to visit the hospital. The director comes out and asks if Gabriel Shaw has been found? They say he is dead. He broke into a house and attempted to kill the entire Crowne family but they survived. He had been in the facility for 20 years. They asked if he had any contact with the outside world. The director says no. They go to see his room. The director says they noticed he was missing around noon. Castle can’t believe they didn’t call the authorities. The director says he sent out orderlies to find him. One of the orderlies hasn’t come back yet and that is the one whose badge he stole. Castle hears something in a drain in Gabriel’s room. He takes the grate off, grabs a book, and a bunch of rats come out. It is the Bible and someone has been drawing on every page.

Laney pages them and tells them to get to the morgue because she found something disturbing. All over Gabriel’s body is symbols painted in ink. They are not tattoos. They are not written in blood. Everything is written in Latin. The wound was inflicted by a talon and was infected with Sulphur. Castle thinks the devil or a demon killed Gabriel. Here goes Castle with another one of his crazy theories. Vintage Castle.

Beckett says today is going to be hell with power outages. Castle that is an appropriate comment considering that is where Gabriel’s killer is probably from. Ryan and Esposito are interviewing the guard. They get him to admit to seeing Gabriel after he left the hospital. The guard, David, tracked him to a church. Gabriel threatened to out David for selling the patient’s medicine. David said Gabriel was alive at 4:30 when he left him. David went to visit his girl after that. David says Gabriel had a visitor who upset him.

Alexis is looking into Gabriel’s past. He was hired as a spiritual consultant by the private investigator named Noah Cramer hired by the Crowne family who Gabriel would later attack. Alexis figured out that the PIs office was where Castle’s office is. Castle and Ryan are talking to the PI’s family and they actually visited Gabriel in the hospital. The PIs family said they never cleared out the PIs office but instead hired a company.

Castle goes to his office and says they are looking for something in the safe in his office but he never looked in the safe. Hayley says she can break into the safe in 28 minutes. Castle’s safe leads into a huge area filled with religious artifacts and spider webs and a wall of research on the Crowne family which is the family Gabriel attacked. There is also reference to the end of days which is supposedly two days from now.

Castle is looking at pictures of him, Alexis, and someone else. There is a strange glare on all of Castle’s pictures while the others in the picture appear normal. Then Ryan gets a copy of footage of a visitor to the hospital and the visitor’s face is distorted for no good reason.

They find out that Gabriel thought that one of the Crowne family members was the antichrist. Victor Crowne was a child at the time of the attacks but now he is a successful businessman.  Victor is the one Gabriel suspected of being the antichrist. The gang goes to visit Victor Crowne and show him a picture of Gabriel and ask if he has seen him recently. Victor talks about the damage that Gabriel did to his family and the good that he has done since then. They tell him Gabriel was killed last night. They ask Victor where he was. He says he was here working last night. Castle smells Sulphur on one of Victor’s demonstrations. Victor says yes, there was an accident.

Castle sees the light shining on him in the security footage in Crowne’s office and he says that flash of light has him marked for death. They are outside on the sidewalk. Ryan and Esposito tell him it’s all in his head. Meanwhile, something falls from above and almost lands on their heads. Castle says you were saying?

Beckett is telling Castle he is sounding crazy even for him. Then they come in with the ingredients that are in the product that covered Gabriel’s body. It is oil used in rituals when you protect yourself from fighting with demons.

They track down this guy Oscar who sold Gabriel the oil. He blessed him and wrote those things on Gabriel. The guy says he saw Gabriel at 7:30. This Oscar guy is the son of someone Gabriel worked with twenty years ago who shared his fascination with the antichrist.

Ryan and Esposito show Beckett and Castle some footage and Gabriel appears, disappears, and reappears in the footage along with someone following him. Castle says Gabriel was killed by a demon. Beckett says it’s a glitch in the footage.

Beckett is sleeping. Castle is working on his computer. He hears a strange noise. He goes into another part of the apartment and his globe is spinning. Castle picks it up. He turns around and Beckett looks like she is possessed then she starts laughing. She tells him to go to bed. Castle doesn’t. Instead he looks up ways to kill the anti-Christ. Just a little light Googling. LOL! He sees something in his search he recognizes. He goes back to his office and finds what he is looking for in the safe. It is a dagger. His phone rings. It is Beckett asking where he is. He says he is at the office. He found the dagger that is the only way to kill the antichrist. Castle hears something. I think the door to the safe slams shut trapping Castle in the safe. He sees two red eyes.

The next morning Castle is holding an ice pack to his head in his office. Beckett and Alexis are there. Ryan and Esposito are there. They ask how he’s doing. Castle is saying he saw the antichrist and is still marked for death. The dagger is gone.

Ryan and Beckett are talking to Sondra Kramer. They found a weapon in her garage that has traces of Gabriel’s blood and Sulphur on it. Sondra says she was trying to talk some sense into Gabriel. She says Gabriel was the true evil. She keeps tools for her flower shop around and twenty years ago Gabriel ruined her family and she couldn’t let him do it again so she killed Gabriel. Beckett asks why she broke into her husband’s old office last night. She says she was home all night with her son. Hayley says all the records for the case are missing.

A bracelet is left behind. It is Oscar’s. Oscar is a true believer and is on a mission to kill the antichrist who he believes is Victor Crowne. So the boys Castle, Ryan, & Esposito go to Crowne Enterprises to look for Victor. They run into a security guard who cannot reach Victor or another security guard on the walkie talkie. They find a security guard who is either dead or knocked out. They leave Castle with the security guard. Castle takes the security guard’s Billy club and flashlight. He takes off and hears yelling.

Oscar has Victor tied to a table. Oscar is half naked and has writing on his body. Victor yells to Castle to save him. Oscar says this is for his father. He has the dagger used to kill the antichrist and is about to stab Victor with it. Castle and Oscar fight and Oscar ends up landing in a load of pipes and gets knocked out. Ryan and Esposito come back and untie Victor. Castle says, just to be clear you aren’t the antichrist are you Victor? Victor says you saved my life so whatever you want, just ask and it’s yours. Castle then says did I just make a deal with the devil. LOL!

Castle is taking selfies of himself checking to see if that same glare appears on him and it does. Castle says he is still marked for death. Beckett says take off your jacket and take another selfie. Beckett figured out that the zipper on Castle’s jacket was catching the light. Castle takes off the jacket, takes another selfie, and sees the glare is no longer there and realizes he is no longer marked for death and is happy.

Hayley and Alexis are eating pizza and watching horror movies at the office. The safe door opens. The girls run. Castle and Beckett emerge from the safe. Castle tells Beckett that was brilliant. It’s good to see Castle and Beckett having fun.

I found this week’s episode a little confusing. Did anyone else feel the same way? Next week is the season finale. Are you ready for the season and possibly the series to be over? I know I am not ready.