Fear the Walking Dead (S02E05): “The Captive”



Five episodes in and the second season of Fear the Walking Dead has vastly improved from the premiere this season which started off quite slowly. 

This opening was much slower and had less action than the previous ones, but I actually liked it the simplicity in the mundane action of making food and getting to know each other, it’s like they were in a bubble and life hadn’t changed and been affected by the virus. Also i just loved the new location of Coopers compound and the isolation of being on the boat surrounded by water and nothing else, it gave off such a post apocalyptic vibe.

So tonights episode was very Alicia Clark and Jack heavy, we got to learn more about the dynamic between those characters. Alicia starts off going along with Jack and his belief that she’s joined there “family” meanwhile she learns more about Coopers operations. Last week we so that saw that Alicia figured out that Jack has genuine feelings for her. Alicia being the caring person she is decides to use that emotion and manipulate him to benefit her but only to help her family. You can see it in her facial expressions when she’s talking to Jack about her family, she’s not being manipulative for fun or because she likes it, but it’s for survival. That scene where she confronts Jack about MY44 which turns out to be the Abigail is really intense when she hits him with the clipboard and he grabs her, which he really has to stop doing, its clear she doesn’t like it. But she’s so distraught after that fight, her face says it all, its clear she blames herself for what happened to her family which is why she’s manipulating him. When she leaves him in the final scene you can see it on her face as they drive off in there boat & no don’t confuse this as romantic feelings. Cause it’s clear to me at least that Jack clearly had them, but from my interpretation of it, she didn’t feel the way he obviously did or not to the extent he did. Her expression to me was clearly guilt she didn’t want to hurt anyone, but she just wanted to protect her family, this is the price one has to pay in this situation. 

Travis on the other hand reunites with a familiar face, lets just say I wasn’t expecting Alex to return so soon, also the fact that it makes me also realise how much time has passed on this show. I honestly never realised. Well after there last interaction saying she’s unhappy is an understatement, so I’m curious to see what kind of revenge she gets on them, though turns out she’s the one that told Cooper about the Abigail which finally gets rid of the blame everyone put on Alicia, specifically Strand.

Jesse McCartney was the guest star that I was most surprised to ever see, last week when he turned up it came out of nowhere, I could have sworn we weren’t told about his appearance. But this time, I didn’t mind not knowing, Reed was very intriguing and well written. His cut throat and vicious need to survive in these new circumstances made him sadistic in a way especially when he talks about Ofelia to Daniel and about Alicia to Chris. I have just got to say wow, like his acting was just incredible. Also the fact that he survived so long after having a steal pipe through his gut is very unrealistic but thats TV for you right? That laugh when Daniel purposely applies to much ointment and it stings being as torture it’s his forte, his reaction was something else.

Meanwhile back on the Abigail, we finally see Strand in a vulnerable position as he’s sick which is a first, he always in the stronger position so it was a unique situation for the others to see him that way. It’s clear that Madison is both literally and metaphorically the leader now after the takeover of the Abigail. Madison is the protective mother we know, lets just say that a mother will stop at nothing to protect there children, but there has to be some line at where that stops.

We see this a lot in this episode, Nick is an adult and she still won’t let him be involved and help out. Which I guess makes sense under the circumstances of whats going on in there life and the given his past behaviour. Also the fact that there still learning about the infected and they don’t have all the answers, although Nick is clearly got an advantage on this point. We saw this last week the way he handled himself with the walkers last week, a bloody image I didn’t need and then again tonight with the gun. He’s really stepped up from being the dependent drug addicted son from season one to this season taking on these responsibilities, so much so that he volunteers to go and get Travis & Alicia even though Madison doesn’t allow it. 

Again Ofelia was hardly in this episode but she did have some scenes, one worth mentioning is the one where she and Nick are cleaning the room in which Reed was being kept, and she confesses how she’s now used to seeing blood and cleaning up after someone has died. Which is sad in a way, but the fact that she’s come to terms with that shows growth from the last time she saw Daniel torturing someone. I’ll say it again, i’ve even mentioned it to Mercedes as have countless others, I do hope we get more screen time for her.

Daniel and Ofelia are still on the outs, I do hope she forgives him and they mend there father-daughter relationship since they had a really strong one last season. The scene where Madison comforts Chris after his kills Reed claiming that he was going to turn was so endearing, it was nice to see her comforting him, she’s keeping her promise that she made to Grisela. Also just to mention without Travis in the picture, the dynamic thats building between Madison & Daniel is intriguing, since he’s her adviser in a way not only with the Abigail but with each others family too.

Turns out Reed did end up turning and that scene gave me a bit of a shock plus the makeup team did a great job on him. Madison ends up trading him for Travis and Alicia gets away from Jack, the Clark family is back together. Which means next week we’ll hopefully see them actually get somewhere, in terms of Strand’s plan of going to Mexico. All in all this episode was really good and with only 2 more episodes in this half of the season I’m really curious to see where it all goes.