Scandal (S05E20): “Trump Card”


Review:  Olivia and Abby team up to take down Hollis Doyle. Even Elizabeth North is supporting the plan for a change. Of course both Olivia and Abby are preparing for when the ceasefire ends. And so they start digging up dirt on each other campaigns, just in case.

Meanwhile papa Pope visits Edison Davis to ask to nominate Jake as the next Vice President. Edison (for some reason still unaware of the real papa Pope) just shuts Rowan down by telling him he will not consider Jake as a candidate. Rowan thinks otherwise, lol. No one says ‘no’  to Rowan and definitely not Edison Davis. So Jake pays Edison a visit himself to scare Edison and to make him change his mind. It turns out Jake now actually wants to be saved from Rowan himself and tells Edison to get this message to Olivia.

Edison goes to Olivia for help and get out under Rowan’s influence. Olivia suggests that he could sabotage his own campaign by telling the world what he really thinks about Hollis Doyle instead of pretending to have the same opinion as Rowan. Of course, Edison dropping out as a candidate wouldn’t hurt Mellie’s or Cyrus’ campaign either.  Edison gives a papa Pope like speech to the press making sure he will not get elected as the next president.  Rowan is watching Edison on live TV when it happens and he knows this wasn’t Edison’s idea.

Also, Abby got her information on Olivia and to hurt Mellie’s campaign from papa Pope.  He somehow knows that Olivia aborted Fitz’ child and now so does Abby. Question remains if Abby is going to use it and I personally don’t see how this would really influence Mellie’s campaign? When it’s time to share with each other what dirt they have found Olivia reveals that David Rosen made a deal with the governor of Florida in order to get her to support Susan’s campaign. Just when David and Susan finally were a happy couple again. Gettysburgers included. Oh, and David even proposed to Susan and she said yes. However, Susan’s trust in David is nog crushed once again. Abby lies about having something on Mellie. She claims she has proof that Mellie visited a psychic when her son died. Olivia is suspicious and thinks there is more to tell. Later on Olivia asks Abby what kind of information she’s holding back and Abby finally admits knowing about the abortion. Olivia handles it very well, because she is not ashamed of what she did. Though Fitz would have been the one who’d be hurt by this news.

David tries to apologize to Susan for what he did, but Susan is really, really over it. Talking about giving speeches. Susan finally points out to David how awesome she is and that she is just too good for him. I must say I was a little bit impressed by Susan.

But Hollis Doyle is still up and running as a candidate. In fact, it looks like he’s just getting more popular. Even though he’s publicly been accused of sexual assault by his ex-wife and while it’s made public that he apparently goes hunting with a (former) member of the KKK. Abby and Olivia have tried everything.  Taking down Hollis seemed easy, but takes longer than expected. In the end Olivia tricks Hollis into a confession about his real beliefs and  she makes sure it’s on tape. And what do you do when you have Hollis Doyle on tape implicating that he doesn’t actually believe anything he says to his supporters? Well, it’s good to share. And Olivia has no problem sharing these audio tapes with good old Sally Langston, who will always protect the lovers of Liberty.