The Carmichael Show: (S02E10) “Man’s World”

This episode couldn’t come at a better time, with Trump constantly undermining women, and other men still stuck with their old fashioned theory from the world wars. 

The idea behind the episode was to show that everyone is capable of doing each other’s work. Yes some work may require extra strength and it’s a scientific fact that generally speaking men are stronger than women but that doesn’t give the right for anyone to just say you can’t do this. 

In today’s world, a waiter can be a male and a female so can a chef or even a mechanic whatever profession you think about has both males and females doing it. We can even go to an extent and add that many women are performing the ‘men’ jobs better than men themselves. 

The best part of the episode came when the guys of the family decided to get a free look at their neighbours before starting their work, now that is something guys do 😂