The Odd Couple: (S02E7) “Make Room for Dani”


Emily waits on the gang in Langford’s. The gang consists of Teddy, Dani, & Oscar. Rich Eisen comes up and has Oscar look out the window to a bus that says Rich is the #1 sportscaster in the city. For those who don’t know, Oscar is also a sportscaster. Oscar says this just became an emergency business lunch. We have to do something to beat Rich. Dani says they could do the broadcast from Langford’s. Oscar says he can’t believe Eisen came down to taunt him at Langford’s because Langford’s is his house.

The next thing you know Oscar is doing a live show at Langford’s. Felix comes in and tells Emily that his weekend photoshoot was canceled so they can have 48 hours of sexy fun. Emily was not into it as she had just spent an hour looking for a customer’s dentures. Felix tells Emily he knows this is not her ideal job. This cheers Emily up and she says she just has to sneak out for an hour to meet her mom for lunch. Felix says he wants to meet her.

Oscar gets heckled by someone in the audience at Langford’s. Oscar says he needs a translator, someone who speaks idiot. The guy comes up and shoves Oscar into a wall. Murph grabs the guy and kicks him out. Teddy asks Oscar if he is all right. Oscar says his neck hurts. Teddy says they can’t have dead air and tells Dani to take the mike. She does a good job and gets the crowd laughing and takes calls.

Emily gets a video call from her mom on her laptop at her apartment. Her mom wants to make sure they are still on for lunch. Emily says she is bringing her new boyfriend Felix. Her mom says I hope he’s not gay like your first husband. Emily says fingers crossed. Emily leaves the room to get something while her Mom is still up on the video call. Felix enters the room completely naked holding a hat across his private parts area, and talks about a magic show. He removes the hat right in front of the laptop where the video call is taking place and Emily’s mom gets a firsthand look at the Felix magic show.

Teddy comes in to Oscar’s apartment and tells Oscar that the crowd loved Dani. Teddy says that Oscar should make Dani an addition to his show. Oscar says he is a solo act. Teddy says Dani might give him the extra boost he needs to beat Eisen. Teddy says that Oscar can eat donuts during break and Oscar says he loves donuts. Dani was eavesdropping and is so excited.

Felix enters Emily’s apartment and has a couple of suits along and says “You are the woman who has just seen her daughter’s boyfriend’s junk. Which suit will remove that image?” Emily says her mom no longer wants to have lunch with Felix and that he ruined magic for her. LOL!

Oscar has Murph appear on his show. Then he has Dani do the latest scores while Oscar eats donuts looking blissfully happy. Murph joins in and engages Dani in conversation. Oscar asks what is happening. Murph and Dani keep going and Oscar eats almost a whole box of donuts. Dani has been taking caller questions. Oscar signs off saying this is the Oscar Madison show. He is afraid he is losing control of his show and tries to take back control.

Then Teddy says Dani pushed a little hard but she is doing great. Teddy says Dani is very entertaining. Then Dani comes in singing “Finally.” Dani is so happy. Murph says you should have her dance on your show. Oscar says this is radio Murph. Dani hugs Oscar but Oscar doesn’t hug her back. Dani then says did I go too far? Did I ramble? Dani says he can tell her if he wants her off the show. Oscar says he wants her off the show. She calls him a son of a bitch and says you weren’t supposed to say that. Dani says he was supposed to tell her how great she had been doing. Dani leaves. Murph comes in with wine to celebrate asking where Dani is.

Emily meets with her mom for lunch at Langford’s. Her mom says it’s time to discuss Emily’s life plan. Emily says she is doing this job while she is pursuing her jewelry business. Her mom doesn’t think Emily’s business is going to take off, she is always broke, and she is dating a sex maniac. Emily says she wants her mom to meet Felix and wants to text him but her phone has been turned off because she couldn’t pay it so she asks if she can borrow her mom’s phone.

Felix is in the kitchen cleaning. Oscar comes in and tries to get the coffee machine to work and can’t get it to work. Felix tries to tell Oscar to reach out to Dani. Felix gets a text from Emily saying she changed her mind about having Felix meet her mom. Felix buys some flowers for Emily’s mom at a newsstand. While at the newsstand Felix gets stung by a bee and runs into the heckler from Oscar’s live radio show who roughs him up. He comes into Langford’s looking terrible. The flowers are destroyed. His suit is a mess. His face is all swollen up due to the bee sting. Felix can’t even talk clearly because of the bee sting. You can tell Emily’s mom is not impressed. Emily tries to cover up her dismay at Felix’s appearance and continues to brag up Felix.

Oscar goes over to Dani’s apartment. Dani says so let me guess you couldn’t find the button for the coffee machine? Oscar says there’s a button? Oscar says he’s not good at this but he wants to tell Dani that he has a hard time letting people in and that when Dani left he felt sad. Dani says she felt sad too. Oscar says everyone says you make my show better and you make my life better so will you please come back? She says absolutely. They hug. They negotiate what Dani will be allowed to do on air.

So the hits of the show today were clearly Dani and Felix. Tune in for another episode on Thursday May 12 on CBS at 8:30 pm Eastern.