Containment: (S01E04) “With Silence & Tears”

As fancy as the title is, the episode lacked a good flow/pace and some real story to add. It was more of a rollercoaster of emotions from all the characters.

The conspiracy theory has died down for a moment, with communications all cut off the people inside the cordon all were put in their homes.

Ofcourse not all of them Xander decided to get into the cordon getting shot by Lex who is already under pressure by his chief because of his ideas. He can’t go on to pretend everything will be fine when the case is just worsening. His girlfriend however realised that he isn’t being sincere and makes her own signal to call him but got cut off after merely 10-20 seconds.

Xander gets taken to the hospital where he escapes with the help of the reporter. They made a deal, one where Xander would go to his inside source (who had died). 

His girlfriend’s store gets ambushed again by the dudes who barged in last time. They decided to empty the store, and wanted to take her even if though she was pregnant, but the amazing part was another group enters and decides to rule the store. 

What we are seeing now is the rise of rival gangs, with little to no cops, no communication it’s a matter of time before someone becomes the King of the cordon.

Jake now assuming the role of the leader, is now getting closer to who we all knew he would end up with. They go on a shopping spree, he brings her some medicine too keep her body stable and they bond with each other. 

More inportantly, the medicine that he managed to get almost gave hope to the doctor. With science being more about defeats than victories, he wasn’t able to find a cure but rather one which deals the effects by a little time.

The idea of his now is to try to develop a drug which can slow the effects or inhibit the influenza for a while till the point he gets more time to investigate. 

What to expect next? 

I have a feeling that Lex will try to find a way to maybe meet his girlfriend or atleast talk to her. Some gang clashes and more progress at the hospital. Lastly the drone will play a much bigger role soon.