Faking It: (S03E09) ‘Ex-Posed’

When two people get close, they share a bond like in chemistry you call it a covalent bond. But at times the bond gets weak and it breaks up but then again that’s not what real friendship looks like.

Karma still going after Sabrina in hopes to expose her gets the perfect opportunity as she catches her get a phone call from a guy called Evan. Call it jealousy or call it desperation and maybe a little bit of curiosity she takes the phone which Sabrina forgets to do some digging.

Lesson to learn, not every gamer knows how to hack a phone. She learnt it the hard way when Felix couldn’t help her. But how fortunate is Karma it’s in Hollywood, Evan called and she pretended to be Sabrina and set up a meet.

With little left for her to reach her goal, she tries to fool Evan with some accent which he doesn’t fall for, and he gets told about Sabrina becoming a lesbian. 

The story shifts to Liam who sets up Lauren with a guy who matches her description and again lucky for her it’s Hollywood 😂 otherwise usually the guy you hope you never marry ends up marrying you 😂

Lauren hit it off with the guy, but it all went south when he told her Liam set it up. Annoyed at him she goes to him and starts her rants but gets interrupted by her ex Theo showing up with a girl. 

She decided to take Liam arms and calls him her boyfriend, and they leave the party. Reaching home her phones blasts with notifications as her new-Liz posted their picture. 

Liam tells her to tweet that they are friends, but when a girl gets loads of followers and likes she might play along a little longer. In case you aren’t familiar, the saying goes as: A guy and a girl under closed doors will always have something happen. 

And it seems like it will happen. But we are back to Sabrina’s story, they each confess their undying and profound admiration for each other but somehow Evan walks in angry and hell goes loose. But Karma wins, as in Karma Karma and not Karma the b-one 😂