Fresh Off The Boat (S02E22) “Gotta Be Me”

Review: Jessica doesn’t want to let Eddie go on field trips, until she hears that this year they will go to Colonial Floridatown. Jessica is interested right away because “colonial Americans are the Chinese of today”, so she decides to let Eddie go while she volunteers to be a chaperone. Eddie and his friends are chaperoned by Jessica, but Eddie hates it because the trip can never be fun if his non-fun mother is there. But Jessica makes the best of the field trip, ignoring all the schools instructions. Eddie is still not happy however because he realizes that his mom can be fun, even though she never seems to be. Eddie wonders why she couldn’t be fun more often.

Later Jessica explains that she would love to be a fun mom all the time, but then nothing would ever get done around the house and the kids wouldn’t listen to her. Eddie understands this and gets up early the morning after, so that he’s ready for school and can make his own lunch. Jessica tells him how proud she is of him, and they have some time to play a game of “Italian maintenance twins”.

Meanwhile, Louis discovers that Emery has been using his video rental card to rent action movies. Louis doesn’t really know what to think of it, but Emery explains that he has been watching those movies to be able to act like a tough guy. His friends have been changing and he just doesn’t fit in with them anymore. Louis tries to help him and after telling him not to write a poem, he tells him to find out what their interests are to fit in, so that they will like him. But when Emery gets into a fight with one of his ‘friends’ Chad, he gets mad at Louis.

Thanks to Grandma Huang, Louis is reminded that he is the one that changes to fit in with everybody, but Emery is not like him in that way. So Louis apologizes to Emery for the bad advice and explains that everybody at that age is just trying to figure out who they want to be. This sounds good to Emery, who comes back to his old idea to write a poem, to show that “you don’t need to fight all your battles with your fists”. As it turns out, Emery is smart enough to fight his battles his way: he hands in the poem, that is read in front of the whole class, under Chad’s name, who from then on is seen as the class’s sensitive student.

This was a great episode, it had a lot of laughs and two fun storylines! I loved it that Eddie understood what Jessica was saying in the end and that he actually did something with it. It was a nice moment of bonding between mother and son. I also really enjoyed the interesting ending of the other storyline, I didn’t expect Emery to pull a trick like this. Evan had some of the funniest one-liners in this episode, and with that it’s easy to say that all three Huang kids did a great job again this week! Well done, Ian, Forrest and Hudson!

Rating: 9/10