Gotham: (S02E20) ‘Unleashed’

Could be one of the best episodes so far, mainly because every character we like showed up & did some damage. 

Jim seems more of a consultant now, I think he deserves a PhD in Gotham Studies. They go to Hugo’s office but he was tipped off and did some cleaning.

But Asrael aka Gallavan still lurked around the shadows. Realising his sword was a replica he went for the real one. Jim with his PhD paid Gallavan’s sister a visit and they both went to the graveyard.

Upon retrieving the sword Gallavan shows up and manages to kick Jim out of the house type place where the Gallavan ancestors’ bodies were. 

A little family reunion went wrong as he stabbed her calling her a traitor but he got a memory back of wanting to kill the son of Gotham.

Bruce decided to quicken the process of the investigation by teaming up with Selena to get into Arkham. She convinced him to stay behind and she went by herself to save Bridget. As she was going through the vents she meets Nigma and they trade information.

It is safe to say they are both in trouble, Nigma got caught and Selena got trapped in the testing room where Bridget was. If Hugo realises how much information she gathered by eavesdropping she won’t walk out. 

By now Hugo already has a collection of his ‘monsters’ with Bridget as firefly.

Bruce went back home but Gallavan ends up reaching to them they fight to the point Jim shoots Gallavan but he still lives.

The person we have been waiting for Penguin, comes back from retirement with a good lesson. Take the right tools for the job. And boy were those tools awesome! A bazooka with Butch! 

So far we have been seeing Hugo’s experiments being eliminated one by one, but a little of Hugo getting caught. But since all the characters are now in the same place it will be an awesome few episodes that are left.