Grandfathered: (S01E22) “The Cure”


Grandfathered opens with Jimmy and Sara agreeing they need to talk about the kiss. They keep interrupting each other. It is hilarious. Sara says the kiss was a big mistake. Jimmy says he is relieved to hear that and agrees it was a mistake. Sara says she has a great relationship with Craig and Jimmy has a great relationship with Catherine. They agree to play things cool.

Gerald has an announcement to make. Sara goes to sit with Craig and Jimmy goes to sit with Catherine. Gerald says he is going to propose to Vanessa tomorrow and that everyone is going to be a part of it. Gerald says he is going to steal Vanessa’s phone like he did the night Edie was conceived and end it at the same store where they met. Gerald says he needs them to decorate the store.

Jimmy and Sara are making decorations. He finds out that Craig is moving in with Sara. Craig and Sara kiss so Jimmy grabs Catherine and kisses her. Craig and Catherine leave. Jimmy and Sara say the kiss never happened and it will never happen again. Meanwhile Jimmy is holding Sara’s hand and running upstairs with her and says if we make a kid doing this you are not waiting twenty years to tell me.

Jimmy and Sara enter his bedroom. Jimmy says the last time they did this was 1989. Sara stops and says she has to go. Jimmy says what if we got back together? Jimmy says he knows he messed up big time and stood her up at the Cure concert. He asks her if she ever thinks about getting back together. She denies it at first and then says she thinks about it sometimes. Sara said she can see how Jimmy has changed. They talk about how he doesn’t hit on Gerald’s girlfriend. LOL! Jimmy promises Sara that he wouldn’t let her down this time. They say they have to talk to Craig and Catherine first before they can really get together. Jimmy says did you know the Cure is in town tonight? So they kiss and say it is a date for tonight at the concert. Sara says she is watching him.

At the restaurant Gerald gives Annelise Vanessa’s phone. Vanessa comes in and says she needs to find her phone as there are nudes of Gerald on there. Oh boy.

Sara is at her apartment and there is a knock on the door. It is Craig with a big huge wardrobe ready to move in. Sara says I thought we were doing this next week. Sara says Craig we have to talk.

Catherine comes over to Jimmy’s house and says she has to go to New York. She brings him cookies. She gives him cash so he can buy himself a present. Catherine says she has an appointment in her phone for next week for her to tell him she loves him and that gives him time to prepare comments. Jimmy says Catherine you are wonderful but he doesn’t tell her about Sara.

Gerald and Vanessa are on their treasure hunt for her phone. Annelise is going from place to place with the phone as Gerald has a tracker on it. They are going to all the places Gerald and Vanessa have been in their dating relationship.

Now Jimmy is at the restaurant talking about Catherine and Sara to Edie. Edie calls Jimmy grandpa. He says didn’t I tell you to never call me grandpa but then he says she can call him grandpa.

Jimmy meets Sara at the phone store and Sara says the breakup was brutal. Jimmy lies and says his breakup was brutal too, a bloodbath. It’s not good to start a new relationship with a lie.

Jimmy and Sara are decorating the phone store. Vanessa and Gerald are looking for her phone and Gerald says I think it is at the phone store. Vanessa says she doesn’t care. She wants to go home. Vanessa says stop the car so she gets out of the car and throws up. Then Gerald throws up too. Jimmy gets a text from Catherine saying she loves him and she will call him when she lands. Ravi wants to see what they had put together so Sara plays a slideshow of Gerald, Vanessa, & Edie.

Gerald and Vanessa are sitting by the car after throwing up and Vanessa asks Gerald if they should get married. Gerald says the thought crossed his mind and he shows her the ring. He asks her if she will marry him and she says yes.

While watching the slideshow Jimmy realizes Sara is the one and he heads to the airport to break up with Catherine. He tells Annelise he is going to the airport to break up with Catherine. Uh oh. What if Annelise says something to Sara?

Jimmy is at the airport looking for Catherine. He finds her and tells her not to go. He says you are wonderful, extraordinary, one of a kind but they have to call it off. She says it’s Sara, isn’t it? Jimmy says Sara is the one. Catherine kisses his cheek and says I hope it ends badly and says she will be fine. The crowd boos Jimmy.

Sara gives Gerald and Vanessa ginger ale to help settle their stomachs. Annelise says she wants to sing for them. She only sings a couple notes and then gives up. Sara asks Annelise where Jimmy is. Annelise says I am sure he is around here somewhere, it is a big restaurant. Edie says Grandpa went to the airport. Sara figures out that Annelise knows where Jimmy is at and Annelise admits that Jimmy went to the airport to break up with Catherine. Sara says he was supposed to have already done that. Sara is so mad and says she thought Jimmy was going to change and they can’t start this new relationship like this. Annelise tries to defend Jimmy but Sara is not having it. Jimmy is at his apartment changing into a Cure t-shirt. He goes to the concert looking for Sara but she isn’t there. Jimmy calls Gerald and says he is happy for Gerald. Vanessa is looking at her ring. The concert starts and Sara isn’t there. Jimmy looks distressed. That is the end of the episode and the end of season one. We still don’t know if Grandfathered will be renewed for season two.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Sara will forgive Jimmy? Are you hoping for a season 2? I know I am hoping Jimmy and Sara work out and that we will get a season two of Grandfathered.