Last Man On Earth (S02E17) “Smart And Stupid”

Review: Let’s start off with where we ended last week. While Gail was outside drinking wine, she saw a drone. But when she tells the group, they don’t believe her and think she’s had too much wine. Gail goes outside again to see if the drone is still out there, but she doesn’t see it and starts thinking that it might have been because of the wine that she saw what she saw, so the rest of the episode she tries not to drink, which makes her very cranky. I will never get tired of Gail’s drinking problem, and I loved it that she tried to stop drinking: “Water, it burns my throat”.

Meanwhile, Todd is still angry about the growing relationship between Phil and Mike and tells Phil that since Mike arrived, they never get to hang out anymore.

Then on to the biggest storyline of the episode. Mike and Erica start hanging out a lot, but when Mike starts feeling sick and coughs up blood, the group thinks that he might have the virus. Mike has never been exposed to the virus because he was in space and because the rest of the group has to be immune to it, they are not worried. But when they realize that the babies of Erica and Carol might be in danger, they protect themselves by putting on hazmat suits and getting Mike to stay in a quarantined zone. Phil is still in denial about his brother having the virus and keeps insisting that it’s just a cold and nothing more. Erica warms up to this theory as well, especially because she and Mike have been growing closer together. But when the cow, that was milked by Mike hours earlier, dies, the group doesn’t feel protected anymore and wants Mike to leave. Phil stops this and the rest of the group (including Erica) finds another house to spend the night. Phil stays with his brother, but when he wakes up in the morning, he sees that Mike has left.

This was a dark episode, like we have seen before this season. While the show explores the tragic moments, the writers are still able to throw in a few jokes that are appropriate for the situation. Last Man On Earth’s weird (but great) humor can sometimes be completely overshadowed by tragedy, but that is what makes this show so unique.

Mel Rodriguez was fantastic in this episode. He has been killing it this season overall, and I love seeing this angry side of him. But also Will Forte did a great job this week. It was great to see him stand up for his brother, the way he did all episode long, even though at some point it was even hard for him to believe that Mike didn’t have the virus. All in all, a very good episode that can only lead to a really good season finale.

Rating: 9.5/10