The Big Bang Theory (S09E23) “The Line Substitution Solution”

Review: Leonard, Howard and Raj make plans to go see the new Avengers screening. Sheldon wants to go too, but he already made plans with Amy to go shopping. The guys suggest that he should go out with Amy and that they will hold a place in line for him, but Sheldon finds this unacceptable because he would be cutting. So he blows off Amy, and pays Stuart to go shopping with her. While in line, Stuart comes back mad at Sheldon because as it turns out, Amy paid Stuart to get mad at him for not going shopping with her. When Stuart goes to Amy to apologize for Sheldon, she’s not happy and Sheldon decides that he will apologize in person, while Stuart holds his spot in line. Amy accepts his quick apology and Sheldon rushes back to the theater.

Back at the theater, Sheldon gets annoyed when someone cuts the line. And even though he makes a compelling argument (that includes a comparison with Rosa Parks), no one agrees with him. He even gets called out for cutting himself, when he went to Amy to apologize. There isn’t much more to the storyline than this, besides a few jokes about Raj’s stick chair.

Meanwhile, we see that Leonard’s mom is back in town. And because she and Penny haven’t really build up a relationship, Penny tries to connect with her, but Beverly only seems to be interested in the stories of Amy and Bernadette. At one point, Penny’s had enough and gets angry at Beverly and wonders why she doesn’t want to talk to her. Beverly explains to her that she’s upset because she didn’t get invited to Leonard and Penny’s wedding. So Penny decides to have another ceremony so that everybody can be there.

I thought this episode was pretty funny. I loved the first scene between Penny and Sheldon and overall it was a pretty good episode. There was the standard my mother-in-law doesn’t like me sitcom trope, but I think it is good that they showed that Beverly actually does care about Penny and Leonard’s relationship. As I’ve mentioned before, they have done something to the character of Stuart this season that I don’t like, but I did enjoy the role he played in this episode.

I can’t wait to see Judd Hirsch on the season finale this Thursday!

Rating: 8/10