The Detour: (S01E06) “The Wedding”

It starts at the police station where the lady is still interrogating Nate. He tries to explain that he had no idea about the man who they lived with and we’re just grateful he let them stay with them. Then we are shown the continuation of the story of the old man.

The guy wants to get married and his wish gets granted when Robin says she will do it after she got licensed online, Delilah protested but she was told to not come in between love. Protests began soon after and the kids joined them, Nate however began to spray them with the hose including his children.

But when the time came, Robin refused to marry them as an objection came from none other than Jared who was now in love with her after stalking her for a long time.

Turns out the mother of the young girl wanted her daughter to marry him for the money, as she gives him some anti-freeze. 

What they wanted to show was that there is still a law allowing marriage with under-aged especially when it is a very old person. Adding to it how some people use take money for granted or just waste it in unnecessary things such as cosmetic surgeries, designer clothes when they need the money for more essential needs.