The Flash (S02E21) “The Runaway Dinosaur”

Okay since when did we enter into the world of the Walking Dead on this show? Rhetorical Question, doesn’t need to be answered! We had a creative and crazy episode for all of you viewers tonight, man oh man lets get this party started!

In the episode of The Flash: Barry was taken into “the eye of the storm” in ways of saying but instead of a storm it was in fact the speedforce which he was caught in. With Barry trapped in the speedforce, Team Flash must find a way to deal with a bigger problem, how to take down Zombie Grider or Tommy or Metal Man or whatever they called him in the first season when he was alive. Anyway because of the particle accelerator redo it did a full frankenstien effect to a meta-corpse, which has a full fascination over Iris.

Meanwhile in the speedforce, Barry finds himself in his old house where Joe is standing there only to find out that Barry is not talking to Joe but a visual of him so that the Speedforce (which is pure energy) can speak with Barry. Then the speedforce reveals a full history lesson to Barry, where the speedforce has been around since the dawn of time practically, and was witness to the big bang and will be witness when the future goes in full flame explosion. But the speedforce also explains that Barry can not leave not until he can catch his own shadow, meanwhile back in reality Cisco and Iris create a dangerous plan to try to re-kill Zombie Tommy only to find out that the plan fails and everyone wishes that Barry could come back. Wells and Cisco create a portal of sorts to the speedforce which allows Cisco’s vibe powers to connect to Barry, only to find out that Barry doesn’t want to leave just yet. Because if Barry leaves then he will be leaving without his powers and Barry can’t have that. So then back in non-reality Barry sees the speedforce using a different visual, Barry’s father Henry. When Speedforce Henry shows Barry his mothers grave, he tells him that because he has never truly accepted his mothers death; that even when he tried to change it he still allowed it to happen that he has never accepted his mothers death to be reality. That if he visits the grave, then it will force Barry to make him believe it is real. In a final act, Barry is visited by the Speedforce Nora Allen, in a heartbreaking moment of clarity it allows Barry to catch his shadow and reunite him with his powers. Cisco and Wells turn on the machine again to reconnect with the speedforce to bring Barry home, Barry hears Iris’s voice which brings him home through the portal. Once Barry’s home, the team defeats Zombie Tommy and kills him again. Then Barry brings Jessie out of her coma by zapping her with the speedforce!

Honestly, I’ve got to say Kevin Smith did a phenomenal job with his first superhero tv show episode of directing. The part with Nora and Barry talking truly was a heartbreaking moment for this season, I almost cried! And the special effects that they used with making the speedforce and everything about this episode was just amazing! This episode has to definitely be one of the best episodes of the season!

The Flash comes on Tuesdays

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