The Grinder: (S01E22) “Full Circle”


The Grinder begins with the defendant admitting he destroyed the check after at first denying he ever lost a check. Then of course The Grinder comes up with his line of “The Grinder Rests.” The defendant’s attorney’s life comes apart in the next six months. Dean’s family is in the court room and cheers. This didn’t look like the usual opening of the family watching an old episode of Dean’s show The Grinder. It looks like Dean was practicing law when he shouldn’t have been.

Now Dean and Stewart are talking about knowing the case is a smokescreen for revenge and they have been trying to figure out who is behind it. They tell the judge. The judge shows them footage of Stewart sneaking into the plaintiff’s house and Stewart gets suspended for six months. Uh oh. Stewart has to tell Claire she is now in charge of the case. Dean wants to work on the case but Stewart reminds him he is not a real lawyer. Dean then tells Claire he is happy to see a woman of color take the lead on the case but it should be him because the client is his father.

That night Stewart’s kids ask Stewart about the case and if his whole career hinges on the case. They know he has been suspended. Debbie has been drinking. She mocks Stewart about being suspended. Stewart goes into the kitchen to get something to eat and Dean is there asking Stewart why Stewart won’t trust him with the case. Once again Stewart has to tell Dean about the process of becoming a lawyer. Dean still doesn’t believe going to law school is the only way. LOL!

The next morning Dean Sr.’s trial begins. Claire announces herself as lead counsel. The defendant’s attorney is Dean’s enemy shown at the beginning of the episode.

Debbie is talking to her kids about the interview she gave them last night and the kids are smart and know she wants to see what she said because she had been drinking too much and they won’t let her see the interview.

Stewart gives Dean his notes on the case and Dean gives the opening statement. He is having trouble reading Stewart’s handwriting and is making mistakes. Dean finishes his opening statements and passes off to the plaintiff’s attorney who says Dean’s speech was nonsense. Then it is back to Dean who tells Hollywood stories. Then the plaintiff’s attorney is back up saying that had no relevance to the case which is true.

Claire, Stewart, Dean, and Dean Sr. meet and give Dean pointers on objecting so when they go back to court, Dean basically guesses on objections and Stewart and Claire try to whisper assistance to him. The judge catches on and says Dean can no longer guess and the others can no longer help Dean.

The plaintiff’s attorney says he has documents that show that Dean Sr. lied to his client telling him to take a deal that really wasn’t in his best interests. Dean Sr. admits that he lied to his client. The attorney hands Dean Sr. the document and it says “You’ve been Velanced” which is a play on the attorney’s name. Dean says to the attorney you turned it into a verb! LOL!

Dean is talking to Stewart in the hallway admitting that he screwed up on this case. Velance comes up to them and says he hates to see them fighting. Velance says that Stewart doesn’t really want Dean there and doesn’t want Dean to be first chair. Stewart agrees and says he has been saying this all along. Velance says this has all come full circle. This scene makes the news.

Dean calls Stewart to the stand and Stewart says the man playing the plaintiff is really not the plaintiff. The plaintiff has a twin and the twin walks into the courtroom from the back. Dean says he makes a motion to dismiss and the motion is granted. Dean’s father won’t be in trouble as the case is dismissed. Dean Sr. hugs Dean and says you got me off son like I knew you would. Stewart looks on as he is really the attorney and not Dean. Plus it was Stewart who figured out there were twins. Debbie asks Stewart how it feels to grind a little bit. Dean takes Stewart’s hand and raises it with his in victory and says “For justice.”

The family is together and Ethan reads his report to the family and says the Grinder pulled it off in stunning Grinder fashion. Ethan and Lizzie reassure Debbie they didn’t use her interview in the report.

Dean Sr. is proud of Dean and Stewart saying they saved the firm from going under. Dean says we thought it was about me learning from Stewart but it was about Stewart learning from Dean. Dean knows this will work as long as they want it to.  

That is the end of the episode and the end of season one of The Grinder. What did you think of the episode? Do you want a season two of The Grinder? I know I do.