Chicago Med (S1E17): “Withdrawal”



The guest star playing the alcoholic gave a great performance in Tuesdays’ episode of Chicago Med. He had a very natural ability to be so distressed. The fact that April wanted to “put a bandaid on” and give the patient a beer felt so out of character. I like the concept of a nurse wanting to listen to the patient more than doing what the doctor believed was right, but April had been so steadily determined to get the man through his pain. It just didn’t feel right. 

Natalie’s major stress in “Withdrawal” causes a health issue to arise. I enjoyed seeing a doctor being taken care of, and the strong friendships that ensued. Her subtle reaction from the news of having “broken heart syndrome” was emotional to watch. I’m curious to see how and if she truly will be able to let go of Jeff. 

One of the best lines of the night was about two elders who “maybe have something in common after all.” That thing? A man. But this storyline actually turned out to be a good lesson for the doctors and not just humorous. These scenes were to remind us that things change with age, but also that we shouldn’t limit ourselves because of our age.