New Girl (S05E21): “Wedding Eve”


Review: It’s the night before Cece and Schmidt’s wedding and time for some last minute worries and preparations! As the maid of honor and best man, Jess and Nick are very much in synch with each other and using very convenient walkie talkies to communicate! 

After the rehearsal dinner at the loft, Schmidt’s mom and her “friend” Susan – who have been lovers since 1998 – take up Schmidt’s room, as Nick and Schmidt share another room for the night. Schmidt quickly realizes that he’s lost the very important flashdrive, containing his written vows to Cece, after Winston accidentally stepped on it. Forced to come up with new vows before the wedding the next day, Schmidt is wrecked with writer’s block. 

After a fun, spur of the moment (because Jess is desperate to avoid Sam) game of True American, a drunk Schmidt figures out that all he wants is to make Cece happy and according to Nick, that’s the big idea he needs to finish writing his vows. Which Nick would know, being a big shot zombie novel writer and all. 

In a different part of the loft, Jess and Cece discuss Cece bridal privileges. Jess even has passports for if Cece wants a last-minute escape plan to Canada (plus a bonus Trudeau pic). But Cece’s not worried; she just knows that she wants to spend the rest of her life with Schmidt. Jess, however, is not so sure about this regarding Sam. Especially not when they find a ring in his jacket pocket and it suddenly becomes a very real possibility. 

As soon as Sam indicates that he wants to talk to her for a minute, Jess does everything she can to avoid having to be alone with him. Which includes the earlier referred to game of True American. But when they finally have a moment alone, Jess tells Sam tat she can’t marry him. Sam agrees, because Sam is in love with someone else. Who? Diane from last week! 

But the ring in his pocket isn’t meant for Diane or Jess or, really, anyone Sam’s involved with. Instead, it belongs to Schmidt’s mom who has every intention of marrying her “friend” Susan! Jess accidentally ruins this surprise, though. And then Schmidt has no choice but to come to terms with their union. But, as it turns out, the only reason why he never fully accepted their relationship, was because he didn’t know how long Susan was going to be around. But she’s a part of his family now and he’s happy to call her mom! 

Additionally, after the rehearsal dinner, Winston tells Aly that she’ll make a beautiful bride one day. About five seconds later, Aly decides to call it a night. Winston spends the whole time worrying that he’s scared her off – after all, they’ve only been dating a month – and wondering whether he needs to stop being the sensitive and delightful marshmallow that he is in favor of, well, someone like Coach. Who shows up right during True American. And then proceeds to tell Winston that being himself is most definitely the better option and that he should march his ass down to Aly to ask her for an explanation. 

Which Winston gets as soon as he shows up at Aly’s house. Food poisoning, courtesy of Nick’s friend Tran’s lasagna at the rehearsal dinner. As it turns out, Winston didn’t scare her off at all. Despite only dating for a month, Aly is very much sure of how she feels about Winston and she loves him. Winston doesn’t really have to think about this long, because the love is definitely mutual! 

Finally, before Sam leaves the loft, he asks Jess why she couldn’t marry him. When Jess says she doesn’t know, Sam isn’t all that convinced. Because Sam does know why: it’s Nick. Nick is why Jess couldn’t marry Sam. Oh, joy. 

And, after seeing how sad Cece is at the sight of Schmidt’s moms getting engaged, Schmidt discovers that Cece wants nothing more than to have her own mom at the wedding, too. He leaves in the middle of the night, presumably to get Cece’s mom and maybe miss his own wedding!