New Girl (S05E22): “Landing Gear”


Review: Lots of things going on on the day of Cece and Schmidt’s wedding! When Schmidt leaves in the middle of the night, Nick is left to pick up the pieces. Nick quickly finds out that Schmidt has boarded a plane to Portland to pick up Cece’s mom. Schmidt asks Nick not to tell Cece, but it doesn’t take long before Jess learns the truth.

Jess agrees with Schmidt that Cece can’t find out and she forces Nick to lie to her that Schmidt’s still asleep. Nick, however, is a terrible, terrible liar. Possibly the worst I’ve ever seen. When Nick admits to Jess that he’s just too nervous and that he’ll undoubtedly screw things up, Jess assures him that he needs to believe in himself, like she believes in him. I think Jess’s belief in Nick might have something to do with those pesky residual feelings for him, of which there has been little to no indication up to last week. Just maybe. 

But, lo and behold, Nick comes through and successfully lies to Cece! Which is the perfect set-up for Jess to reveal that hunky Doctor Sam dumped her and that they’re both dateless and should totally go to the wedding together, right? Wrong. Because right at that exact moment, Reagan shows up! Yes, the same Reagan who previously told Nick that she wouldn’t make it to the wedding! Nick is beyond excited about *his* Reagan showing up, though still very unsure of what they are. 

Then, a call from Schmidt leads to Nick accidentally sitting on his ‘best man walkie talkie’ and Cece still finding out that Schmidt’s not where he’s supposed to be. And while she’s very touched at his romantic gesture, she really does need him to get back so they can do that thing they were supposed to do today. But Schmidt promises Cece that he’ll make it to the wedding on time. 

At the vineyard, Winston is preparing the venue for the wedding, as Coach and May look on. Coach, who is very much expecting Winston to prank the wedding, is dismayed when Winston claims he’s now a serious man in a serious relationship, who definitely does not prank weddings! But when the guests start asking questions, Jess all but forces Winston to prank the wedding anyway and cause a distraction. Coach is very happy about this, Winston not so much. 

When Jess goes to update Cece on the guests and the venue, she tells Cece that she might just have to start thinking about telling the guests what’s going on. Just then, they’re in for another surprise: Cece’s mom! As a result of the weekly voicemails that Schmidt’s left her every Monday for the past year, Cece’s mom is now completely on board and approving of their union. The only problem? The fact that Schmidt himself is still not at his own wedding and that his plane is finally taking off. To Portland. 

Left with no groom, Cece and Schmidt decide that the best thing to do is to have the party anyway! Through Facetime, Schmidt gets to be there for the festivities in a very technologically advanced way. The party’s a great success: there’s naked Winston (he accidentally loses his clothes and is then forced to wear the photobooth curtain as an outfit), a very peculiar speech by Nick (“Marriage is about sex and property”)  and a ton of dancing, both at the vineyard and on Schmidt’s plane! 

Additionally, during dinner, Reagan confides in Jess that she’s actually thinking of being with Nick and pursuing a relationship with him. Which sucks for Jess, as she’s beginning to realize that maybe Sam wasn’t all that off base. 

Later, when Schmidt finally arrives back in LA – in the middle of the night -, Nick, Coach and Winston are readily waiting for him outside the elevator. Why? So he can get married, of course! Schmidt and Cece then get married right in the living room of the loft and it’s so much lovelier than the vineyard and the glass they break in line with Jewish tradition, ends up being the infamous douchebag jar! 

Finally, Nick thanks Jess for talking to Reagan, as it led to her wanting to go for it with him. Him, of all people, he remarks, the “weird detour you take before you find the guy you want to be with”. But Jess doesn’t want to hear it, seeing as, to her, Nick is most definitely not a detour and very much incredible. She encourages Nick to start believing in himself. This would be cute if I didn’t still have the memory of how absolutely awful they were together etched into the back of my head. Nick then tells her that he’s going for it and booking a ticket to join Reagan in New Orleans for three months! 

See you next season! In the meantime, Winston will be joining Cece and Schmidt on their honeymoon. Honeymoon pranks are Winston’s new thing.