The Middle (S07E23) “Find My Hecks”

Review: Axl and Sue are home from college for the summer and they leave all their crap around the house. Frankie is not amused by this, but can’t seem to motivate either one of them to move their stuff to their room (the one Axl and Sue now share after Not Mother’s Day). The relationship between brother and sister has grown so much since this last episode, that Axl even invites Sue to a party. They go to the party together and don’t come home until 2AM, only to find an angry Frankie, who’s wondering where the hell they’ve been and why they haven’t checked their phones. Their arguing gets so loud that Mike wakes up and he decides that there will be a 10PM curfew from now on.

Axl and Sue ignore curfew for their second party, and are still not home at midnight, but this time Frankie isn’t worried because she knows exactly where her kids are. She has installed a tracking app on her phone, which allows her to see where they are at all times. At first Mike doesn’t feel right about spying on the kids, but he gets obsessed with the app later, acting like “a giant twelve year old girl”. When he sees that Sue is in a ditch, he and Frankie head over there to help her. However, the app seems to be wrong because right after Frankie and Mike leave, the kids come home, and wonder where their parents are. Axl reveals that he has been tracking Frankie and Mike for years and they find their parents in the ditch, searching for the kids. After everybody confesses that they’ve been using tracking apps, it’s Mike who realizes that technology actually makes things worse these days because you worry too much. So they all take the apps off their phones (well, Axl does because Mike has no idea how)

Then Brick, he’s almost graduating middle school and wants to be valedictorian. He hears there’s another student still in the running and he tries to find out who it is. When it turns out to be his girlfriend Cindy, they both compete to get the best grade in geometry, the final grade that will determine who is the best student. Cindy is trying to distract Brick by telling him that she loves him for the first time. It works because Brick can’t think of anything else, but Axl helps him by coming up with a trick to distract Cindy too: tell her right before the test that they need to talk. This doesn’t work, and to make things even worse, Cindy shows Brick some skin. It’s just her ear, but still, it’s more than you usually see of her.

After the test, he comes home and says that he didn’t do well, but when he gets back the grade, it’s higher than Cindy’s, meaning that he is the valedictorian. Until a day later, when he goes back to class and realizes that he forgot to fill in the question for extra credit (a question about books even!). Cindy did fill this in and ends up getting a higher score, making her the valedictorian. Even though Brick isn’t the best student, he is very happy that Cindy is. Cindy reveals that she really meant it when she said I love you to Brick, and the episode ends with the couple exchanging “I love yous” and sharing a kiss.

This episode had two solid storylines and was just overall really sweet and funny too. I loved it that we got to see Sue and Axl spend time together. After last week’s episode where we saw that Axl can actually be nice to Sue, it was good to see that they were still hanging out together this week. As mentioned in previous reviews, this season is all about Sue and Axl growing up and this episode showed that once again. I love the relationship between Brick and Cindy. Their last scene together was very cute, I thought it was great that they bonded over their mutual quirkiness.

Rating: 9/10

Once again my interview with Casey Burke, who plays Cindy: Chatting with The Middle’s Cindy, Casey Burke