Black-ish (S02E23): “Daddy Dre-care”


Review: When the entire Johnson family comes down with the flu, it’s Dre’s job to keep the household afloat. Being the only one who’s not sick, Dre does everything he can to avoid being next, as that would mean missing out on work and potentially losing his job. But when the kids keep resisting his help, wanting Bow to take care of them instead, Dre figures out that taking care of a sick family is a lot more demanding than he expected it to be. Nothing he attempts to do like Bow – who seems to be an expert at taking care of flu-riddled kids – makes them feel any better and it leaves him feeling inadequate. Until he realizes that maybe he should stop trying to be like Dr. Bow and start being Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre’s methods are slightly different from Bow’s, as they involve cough syrup “shots”, a pillow fort and “fried chicken” noodle soup, but they work just the same and it doesn’t take long for the kids to start accepting their dad’s help.

Meanwhile, Bow is upstairs in their bedroom, quarantined with Ruby, hating her life, and wondering what will be the next chapter in their lives. But there’s nothing like being holed up together in a small space to speed up that bonding process. Ruby and Bow bond over Ruby’s past as an actress and background singer for Bette Middler and Ruby even admits that she wishes she’d pursued her dreams like Bow has.  

Eventually, everyone is on their way towards feeling better and no longer being sick. Everyone except for Bow, that is. Because, as it turns out, Bow’s stomach bug is not so much a stomach bug, but actually a new addition to the family! Welcome, fifth Johnson kid!