Chicago PD (S3E21): “Justice”



I have been so excited for this episode. 

Right from the start, Burgess went on a rollercoaster of emotions and I knew right away what the controversy was going to be. That excited me. I think Chicago Justice is a much needed addition to the One Chicago franchise. This episode of Chicago PD has brought controversial matters to the screen in a beautiful way, showing the pain and struggle of such an event from both sides opposed to one. 

I enjoyed getting to know the new characters of Chicago Justice, and while I missed some of the normalcy of Chicago PD, I coped with it because I knew this episode was special. 

Oh, and as a fan of Burgess and Roman, I really liked seeing them at what I believed to be Roman’s place. It was so natural, so typical of a normal relationship. The way they were dressed causally in sweatpants and comforted each other subtly through such traumatic times was very sweet. I’ve wanted these two to be together for a long time, and while this may not have been the perfect first day together or a great way for the rest of the police department to discover they are in a relationship, I’m still happy it happened.