The Goldbergs (S03E23) “Big Orange”

Review: Lainey and Beverly are sick of Barry always wearing his orange Flyers jersey and they start to work together to get rid of it. First they go shopping with him so that he will stop wearing the shirt, but when he keeps wearing it, despite his new wardrobe, Lainey and Bev need to think of something else. Beverly has a plan to destroy the shirt and executes it with Lainey’s permission.

Meanwhile, Murray finally wants to take down Adam’s childhood treehouse against Adam’s wishes. Adam has fond memories of when he and Erica would solve mysteries and use the treehouse as their headquarters, so he tries to convince Erica to solve one last case as “The Goldberg Gang”. A case is found soon enough when Barry finds out that his shirt has been ruined. Erica doesn’t want to help solving the mystery at first, but when Barry offers them $7000 (who knew Barry would have so much money), she’s in. Erica suggests right away that it was their mother who destroyed the shirt, but Adam doesn’t want to believe it. Even when Lainey confesses and tells them that she and Bev are the culprits, he still isn’t convinced. He searches for a deeper conspiracy behind the crime, to extend the case so that he and Erica can still hang out together. And Adam doesn’t have to worry about Erica revealing the criminals to Barry, because she promised Lainey that she wouldn’t.

Adam goes on with his investigation and interrogates the JTP, accusing them of the shirt murder. But when he tells Barry that Lainey already confessed that she and Beverly were the ones who did it, he gets mad at them and even declares that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and a mother anymore. Everybody turns on Adam and especially Erica is very angry with him and tells him that he needs to grow up and let go of the tree house before he goes to high school next year. All Adam wanted is spending time with her, like they used to. Erica feels bad about getting angry at her little brother and makes up with him after Murray takes down the treehouse. Erica decides that she and Adam will build a new one because there are some things you have to hold on to.

To make things right with Barry, Beverly and Lainey go all out and give him a funeral for his shirt. It’s a little over the top (I’m with Murray: “It’s just a shirt!”), but still fun and sweet to see everybody (minus Murray) help getting Barry through this. I loved hearing all his memories with Big Orange and I think Troy Gentile did a great job in that scene.

This episode was hilarious and had so many fantastic lines. Even though the storylines might have been a little ridiculous at times, the humor in this episode certainly made up for it! I loved the pairing of Lainey and Beverly, we don’t see that very often and it was fun. Pops stole the show again with some of his funny lines. He wasn’t in a lot of scenes, but when he was, it was really funny!

To the treehouse!

Rating: 9/10

I will never not laugh at this:

Best outtake ever: