The Odd Couple: (S02E08) “Dinner Engagement”


Oscar picks up Charlotte at her apartment for a date. They joke about how Oscar dated her last nanny and her new nanny is 60 years old so Oscar shouldn’t be interested in hitting on her. Charlotte’s child, Evan, comes out and says he doesn’t feel good and asks if mommy really has to go out. Charlotte leaves to call the sitter. Oscar sits down next to Evan and says “It sucks to be sick.” Evan says “I’m not sick.” Then when Charlotte comes back with some juice, Evan sits between them. LOL! He doesn’t want anyone dating his mom.

Felix is making a phone call about recreating his first date with Emily for her birthday. Emily comes in and asks if he is making a fuss for her birthday when she specifically said she didn’t want a fuss. Then she says her birthday is cursed. She says ever since she was a little girl, her birthdays have all been disasters. For her tenth birthday, her cousin hit her in the nose with a piñata stick and then she goes on to list other disasters. Felix says how about just dinner at the apartment with some of your friends and we won’t call it a birthday dinner. She says that would be OK.

Felix is in the kitchen frantically cooking. Felix found Emily’s grandma’s birthday cake recipe and he is going to make that too. Felix and Oscar talk about how Charlotte’s son lied about being sick but that Oscar doesn’t want to tell Charlotte her child lied.

Emily comes over and says the place smells amazing. Emily and Dani ask for a hint and Felix says “It’s something you have wanted since you were little girls and will tell your grandchildren about.” Dani asks Emily whether she thinks that Felix will pop the question. Emily says “No, we have only been dating four months.”

Oscar goes over to Charlotte’s to pick her up for the birthday party. Oscar tries to get on Evan’s good side by giving him a toy. Oscar says he wants to be friends. Evan says that will never happen.

Dani arrives at Felix’s all dressed up but without a date she points out. Emily is wearing a beautiful red dress. Teddy arrives with his wife. Oscar arrives with Charlotte who is also wearing a red dress. Felix makes Charlotte go change. He says Charlotte cannot wear the same color as Emily.

Emily overhears Teddy’s wife and Felix talk about carats. However, they are talking about carrots for the birthday cake. Emily panics and tells Dani she thinks Felix is going to pop the question.

Charlotte shows up in a navy blue dress and Oscar says “For the second time, you look amazing.” Evan rings the doorbell and says he can’t sleep. The dragon that Oscar gave him is too scary. Charlotte says “We may have to get rid of that little monster.” Felix says “I couldn’t agree more.” Felix doesn’t want kids at his grown up party.

Felix makes Evan a drink called the Napoleon as he is a cute little invader just like Napoleon. Charlotte says they should go. Oscar says no. Emily is heavily drinking. Dani goes to ask Felix what the surprise is. Felix says he won’t say but her father thinks it’s the greatest thing ever and gave him his blessing. Dani goes back to Emily and says “Oh yes it is happening.”

Charlotte gives Felix a present for Emily. Felix says “A birthday present on her birthday, are you crazy?” Then Charlotte takes Oscar into the kitchen to talk and says the little guy is driving her nuts talking about Felix. Oscar thinks she is talking about Evan. Then Oscar tells Charlotte about Evan lying. Charlotte gets upset and walks out.

Felix talks to Emily about giving her something special. She says “I don’t want to marry you.” Felix says “What are you talking about? I’m not proposing to you.” Emily says “Oh I am so relieved.” Felix says “Spending your life with me is that repugnant to you?” Emily says she just doesn’t know yet whether she wants to spend her life with him. Felix says he doesn’t know if he wants to spend his life with her either.

Oscar goes to Charlotte’s apartment to apologize. Charlotte says she talked to Evan and he admitted he was trying to break them up. Charlotte says Evan isn’t ready to see her move on. Charlotte says it’s not time for her to date. She says “It has been great but maybe we need to push pause for now.” Oscar says OK. He says he will miss their snappy banter. Charlotte says she will miss lots of things. Oscar asks Charlotte to let him know when she is ready.

Emily feels bad for overreacting like that. Dani says at least there is cake. Dani and Emily have some cake. Emily says this tastes just like…Then she says OMG then she goes to Felix and says I love you.  Felix says I love you too. They kiss. Emily says for future reference she doesn’t need two carats as long as it is platinum with good clarity and color. LOL.

It was a cute episode. It is too bad about Charlotte and Oscar. Did Charlotte do the right thing? Who will Oscar pursue next? Lots of TV series renewals and cancellations were announced today. I hope that The Odd Couple will get picked up for a season three. No announcement has been made about The Odd Couple yet.