Blindspot (S1E21): “Of Whose Easy Route”


With no time having passed after the end of last week’s episode, this week we return to the hotel room with Bethany (Marianne Jean-Baptiste). Crime scene investigation has come and gone, while she stands in the middle of the room not moving looking despondent. It is safe to say the repercussions from this are going to be felt throughout the FBI, and that assumption is proven correct. Titled “Of Whose Uneasy Route” the episode cuts to the FBI squad room just the next day; and not wasting anytime, ADA Whites has arrived with his team in tow. They are packing up every last piece of Mayfair’s office, a fact she is obviously not too happy about. The team is watching on, anxious and concerned about what’s going on but unable to do much to stop what’s happening. As they disperse, sneaky ADA Whites confronts Zapata (Audrey Esparza) with a simple “hello”, it’s enough though for Mayfair to witness and judge what’s going on. Sarah (Jordana Spiro) arrives just as the chaos dies down, and she’s there with a lawyer so Kurt (Sullivan Stapleton) and she can sign power of attorney paperwork for their father.

Elsewhere, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and boxing partner Patterson (Ashley Patterson) are in the gym working out – correction, Jane is working out while Patterson is pushed around. Noticing Jane still getting stares, Patterson suggests that if it bothers her enough she can always get them removed. The friendship developing between these two, is funny, light-hearted and a place of comfort for Jane. Yet, one has to wonder how Patterson will react when she discovers just what her “friend” has been up to behind the teams back. Mayfair doesn’t wait to confront Zapata about Whites; a confrontation that has been building for weeks. With all legal things under control, Kurt is having his quarterly check-in with Borden (Ukweli Roach) while Sarah and Reade (Rob Brown) cross paths on her way out of the building, in the elevator. Awkward, right? That doesn’t begin to describe it, especially when alarms sound and the entire building goes into lockdown. The team are obviously put off by the sudden events, but Mayfair and co. assure the civilians that all will be ok. Specifically, the highly-strung lawyer in the elevator who seems to devolve into a mess of non-stop chatter and nerves.

As Patterson retrieves her mobile – I’m sure to keep her occupied while locked down – she notices that she has no cell service. Neither does Jane. Or Weller. Something that isn’t usual for a lockdown. Looking into this glitch a little further, Patterson discovers she is also locked out of the FBI mainframe and it doesn’t take her long to figure out that someone is attacking the FBI. They are being hacked. Elsewhere, Borden takes the opportunity to continue his conversation with Weller, this time attempting to break through a wall and help him open up. While this was happening, Patterson and Jane scaled the HVAC system, Spiderman like, and made one rock star entrance to join Weller and Borden. Catching the guys up on what they’ve discovered, they get to work hot wiring the circuits to get the doors opened. Meanwhile, Zapata tries to get dirt from Mayfair regarding Alexandra and the like but hits a stone wall. Checking back in with the awesome foursome, Weller’s impatience gets the better of him when he throws a fire extinguisher through the last remaining window between them and the lab. Let’s not forget to mention the banter between Jane and Weller; the slow burn between these two is definitely hitting another level.

Working her computer wizard magic, Patterson discovers the true nature of the hack – they are downloading every single identity of undercover agents working for the FBI. Trouble is, they can’t do anything about it without access to the mainframe. Cut to a scene, the first in the episode, of the two people responsible for the hack. A Mexican couple. Totally unaware to what is happening, Reade continues to try and break the ice with Sarah but comes up short. He broke her heart, and she can’t pretend like everything is okay. To make matters worse, the lawyer with them is now well and truly in a drug-induced state – it’s hilarious but has to be so annoying for Reade and Sarah. Meanwhile, it is Mayfair’s turn to put the pressure on Zapata – “What is your goal here Tashsa?” – did anyone else gasp, when it sounded like Mayfair had picked up on Zapata’s undercover mission? Luckily, Mayfair just wanted to know what her goals were within the division. She goes on to say how morally ambiguous this job can become, and encourages Zapata to continue to listen to her gut. To follow her instincts.

In the lab, Patterson has enlisted some real classic walkie talkies as a way to communicate with Jane and Weller as they are tasked with creating one giant fire. The point of this fire is to trick the systems into an evacuation, to give them enough time to get closer to the mainframe. After even more witty banter, Weller offers Jane more of an insight into her past – she used to be a bit of pyro – and takes that information and rolls with it. They succeed and cut all the wires Patterson instructs them too, yet it doesn’t seem to work. Patterson knows what’s going on – the hackers are inside the FBI. And they now know that the team has figured that out. How? Well let’s just say they try to poison Weller and Jane by gassing them with CO2. But again, Patterson in all her genius power saves their butts once again.

In what may have been the most powerfully emotional scene of the episode, Mayfair and Zapata finally come to blows. The weight of her secrets almost too much to hold, Zapata comes clean to Mayfair about everything. Admitting that ADA Whites think she is dirty, and that she is a suspect in the disappearance of Tom Carter, Zapata plays all her cards. And the realisation that one of her own did not trust her, is written across Mayfair’s face. She is hurt, deeper than I believed she would be and Marianne Jean-Baptiste absolutely delivers undeniable vulnerability. The brokenness of these two women is evident as the scene closes and no sooner are they interrupted by Weller and Jane, both wielding guns.

What follows is the entire team – minus Reade – facing off against the terrorists. In a swift move, the female assailant is killed while Carlos, the male offender gets away. He still has control of the electronics in the building and threatens to drop all the elevators if they don’t release his partner. Coming together like only our team can, Zapata and Mayfair shoot Carlos dead while Jane and Weller work quickly to save Sarah and Reade from the elevator. They do so, just in time. Being confined so a small space during such an ordeal, leads Reade and Sarah to talk; before he can apologise and explain, she tells him she’s moving. And it seems as though, that may just be the end. A happier ending is in store for Jane and Weller, as they finally both agree to drinks. Could #Jeller finally be happening? Don’t hold your breath.

ADA Whites has returned, and this time it’s to arrest Mayfair. However, he changes his mind and resorts to grandstanding. Interrogating Mayfair in front of her entire team. The evidence Whites has, is astounding. Evidence we as an audience have seen and heard about before. Evidence such as Saul Guerroro, Tom Carter, and the $48,000 she gave to Sophia. But what the audience is soon to realise, just as Jane is, is that everything Oscar (Francois Arnaud) had her do has led to this. The memory stick, the GPS tracker, the pen; every last task Oscar had Jane do was all for this. Oscar is behind all of this. And the subtle, progressive realisation of this is so nuanced from Jaimie Alexander we feel every last emotion. The confrontation with Oscar that is sure to follow is going to be one to watch. For some reason, I don’t think he’ll be able to talk himself out of this one.