Empire (S02E17): “Rise by Sin”



In this weeks episode of Empire ‘Rise by Sin’ a lot of things went down as usual, but to say I wasn’t expecting that ending is ann understatement. 

Lets start of by saying that CEO looks so good on Cookie, not that anything doesn’t, it’s nice to see her in power finally after she worked so hard, she deserves this. Carol is back in tonights episode and we learnt a lot more than I was expecting like the fact that she first dated Lucious and then Cookie did, thats such a predictable storyline but i was still surprised in the context of this show given the flashbacks they’ve given us. Turns out Cookie helping Carol get back on her feet didn’t go as planned, giving that little display of affection she showed her at the ASA awards red carpet. 

On the other hand, lets just talk about how Rhonda finally figured out that Anika pushed her down the stairs, yet she’s done nothing but avoid her, she’s clearly playing the long game, and colour me intrigued cause I’d love to see where this goes.

Then theres Laura and Hakeem, and seems like the whole marriage thing isn’t going as well as he’d like it too, I really hope the writers fix this relationship and work on it, because it was so rushed and it clearly shows.

The most contra versional scene of tonights episode besides the fact that Jamal was shot, has to be that scene with him and Lucious. I mean wow, that was all kinds of intense and uncalled for to say the least. We all know Lucious is vicious and a despicable man, but the words that he exchanged to Jamal and then he grabbed him by the neck ready to hit him. WOW the acting and performance in that scene, hats off to Jussie & Terrence cause its was just incredible.

I’ve just got to say what Lucious did to Freda’s father was just inexcusable, then the fact that he keeps her close, by bringing her into Empire never helped the situation, he basically put fuel on the fire. Which i’m surprised never burst into flames until now, it sucks, because she’s a terrific performer and her duets with Jamal were some of my favourites. I loved the dynamic and friendship that those two characters had, so it was a terrible misfortunate event when she went to shoot Lucious and the bullet found its way to Jamal instead. 

All in all despite what happened to Jamal this was another great episode of Empire and I can’t wait for the season finale next week.