Money Monster (2016)


I had high hopes for seeing Money Monster as it stars two of my favorite people, Julia Roberts and George Clooney. However, the movie was boring and did not pull me in to feel for the characters. To put it bluntly, I did not like the movie.

The Players

George Clooney as Lee Gates, the host of a financial investment advisor television show.

Julia Roberts as the show’s producer Patty Fenn

Jack O’Connell as Kyle Budwell, the gunman who takes over the studio and plants a bomb vest on to Clooney’s character.

Dominic West as IBIS CEO Walt Canby. IBIS is the company whose stock prices fell inexplicably causing Kyle to lose all his money. 

Caitriona Balfe as Diane Lester, IBIS’s PR person.

The Setting

Modern day New York City. Most of the action takes place in the TV studio. Later some action takes to the streets and then to a federal building.

The Story

The best part of the entire movie is how Lee Gates opens his TV show. He dances his way in to his set. This is a rare opportunity for female fans to see Clooney dance. Gates gives advice on specific stocks on his show and one day he tells everyone to buy stock in IBIS. Gates remains fairly calm throughout the movie which doesn’t capture my interest. If he was freaking out and begging for his life, I would have been interested.

Unfortunately for Kyle Budwell, he has invested all of his money, $60,000, into IBIS stock and when the company stock tanks, he loses all of his money. This is where the story begins. He cons his way into the building as a delivery boy. Soon he reveals who he is, a gun, why he is there, what happened, and the vest for Gates to wear. Unfortunately, Budwell is not a sympathetic character. I just can’t and don’t feel pity for him. He doesn’t show enough emotion.

Patty, the producer stays remarkably calm throughout this whole hostage situation. She stays too calm for me to be interested in her character or the story. She tries to keep up with Budwell’s demands and does a good job at that.

Budwell just wants answers as to why the stock price dropped and he lost all his money. Patty has a contact at IBIS, Diane, who agrees to come on the show. However, Diane is no help. She is either really stupid or she knows what is going on and is lying. I’ll leave that for you to figure out if you go see the movie.

Canby, the IBIS CEO is actually missing which is suspicious. Has he been kidnapped? Murdered? Did he do something wrong? Is he hiding? Again, I will leave that for you to discover if you go to the movie. He did manage to lose $800 million dollars of the investors’ money.

That is really the whole story. It takes place in a few hours in just one day.


The movie is rated R for language and violence. As for my rating of the movie, I would give it a five out of ten. I advise you to stay home and wait for the movie to be on cable or Netflix. What about you? Did you see the movie? How would you rate the movie?