The Blacklist: (S03E22) “Alexander Kirk (1)”

How amazing does pizza taste? That’s how awesome this episode was to all those who like political thrillers. 

An enemy of your enemy is your friend. Friend can be replaced as comrade as Tom showed by shooting Solomon. 

However what got me excited this episode, was the way they got the two sides to work together. It’s like saying you want to see Ronaldo & Messi playing in the same team (football/soccer). 

Teamwork was high, the work rate was high, efficiency was high. It’s like the were born to work together, managing to steal tons of $$ from the bank account by getting the retina scan. 

Adding to that, we will be seeing a new spin-off series, Blacklist: Redemption with Tom being the lead with his new love/hate interest in the show, the lady of many secrets who offered him a job already. And we discover that Tom had a mother (yes he has a mother but in the sense that she existed on the show).

All in all, Red managed to outsmart yet another opponent and Kirk is in for a surprise in the finale next week.