The Catch (S01E08): “The Package”



Tonights episode starts off with Alice seeing her therapist who we as the audience know is Margot, and wow does she get straight into it, literally spilling all the secrets about her and Ben.  The dynamic of these two is so intriguing I’m curious to see where it goes, especially since there both strong and intelligent woman, it’s clear this charade won’t last for too long.

The story that the writers have created for Alice and Ben is really beautiful in my opinion there dynamic is also the same, its transcends so well onto the screen Mireille and Peter do an excellent job. Turns out the ultimatum that Alice gave Peter went in favour in the end, because he chooses her and brings Dao with him. Just when you think you know which way this game of cat and mouse is going to go, it changes.

You’d think Margot has an upper hand on Alice, she doesn’t necessarily have one in a way, since Alice’s job is a P.I she’s as sneaky and we see this when she’s spying on Ben and Ryhs. Also seeing Margo jealous of Alice is something I never thought I would see, clearly I underestimated her relationship with Ben.

The case of tonights episode, involves a childhood friends of Sophie’s. Turns out she used to sing in a band, and one of her friends needs help to get out of a bad contract. In the end, things out work very well, and the AVI team learns a little more about Sophie, which is all Danny wants. That relationship that there building is endearing and sweet, if its not rushed and dealt with nicely it could turn out very well.

Where as on the other hand the whole Valerie and Dao relationship was very rushed, and Alice supporting her friend is very kind, although for me personally I’m not a fan. I’ve just got to mention again, how much this friendship reminds me of Private Practice, the parallels. 

Rhys and Margot have the most intriguing brother-sister relationship and I’m really curious to get more of a backstory on these two. 

Anyways as always I loved this episode of the Catch, and with a season two renewal theres so much more to come and I can’t wait