The Originals: (S03E21) “Give ‘Em Hell Kid”

The prophecy still giving the chills to the family, in this episode Freya wanted to be sure about the prophecy but she saw Marcel wreaking havoc all over the family.

Elijah saw those images as well and anger took over him, and he went to find Marcel.

Klaus was with Marcel trying to show him how much he feels for him. At times even Klaus talking is like a trick and Marcel believed so. However Klaus still grieved when Elijah showed up with anger not wanting to see Marcel go through with his plans that he saw because of Freya, rips his heart out. The one part that makes me laugh is that Marcel (he will survive as he had taken the serum which was smart by the writers) has his heart ripped out and his body in the sea, will revive but his heart is far apart. Does it mean he grew a new heart or the heart skated/dived into the water? 😂

The other part, was a goodbye part a farewell for Davina who still was on the other side. The new group anti-Mikaelson one, cut of the ancestors powers and Davina did the final touchings.

This leaves us with a huge blast to expect in the finale. Imagine, Marcel going crazy but he won’t kill anyone as the show is about them. So what exactly will happen? Especially since Claire Holt is going to appear on the episode, will she be able to stop Marcel? Adding more to it, Vincent will try to balance out New Orleans since the ancestors power has been cut there is no one to stop him.

One thing the writers should be careful about, closing doors to a lot of problems could lead to a disastrous start next season.