The Vampire Diaries (S07E22) “Gods & Monsters”


This week episode of The Vampire Diaries was the season 7 finale. So, we would have expected to be an awesome episode. I’m my opinion it wasn’t that great. Let me explain why.

First, while Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice King) are on the run, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) talked with Stefan about calling Valerie so she can siphon Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) spell from the Armory. Remember, the idea here is to open the Armory and get rid of the Everlasting linked to Bonnie’s hunter life. The theory is that if they do this, Bonnie won’t feel the urge to kill them. While Stefan tells Damon he does not know how to find or contact Valerie, Damon tries other ways to open the Armory but fails, but there is when he came up with the idea of using the twins, because they are siphon witches. At first, Caroline does not like the idea, she doesn’t want to put in danger her daughter’s life, specially when they do not know what is inside the Armory. But later, between her and Alaric they decided to use the twins and Caroline kind of manipulated the girls into helping open the Armory.

While this twins drama was going on, Bonnie and Enzo (Michael Malarkey) had a very hearty scene. Bonnie found Enzo in the cabin preparing her dinner. She couldn’t control her instincts and almost killed him while he was telling her he loves her. Luckily, Damon got first to the Everlasting and burned it, so Bonnie didn’t killed him. Yes, Enzo is still alive! I’m glad they did not killed Enzo because he is Bonnie’s true love and she is always so happy around him. But, like they said, nothing good last too long. After saving/fixing Bonnie, Damon was tricked by the thing inside the Armory by hearing Elena’s voice calling him for help. Here, some fans were blessed with Delena flashbacks. So by the end of the episode Damon got trapped in the vault with that thing. While everyone tried to help him get out, the sad part was that Enzo got trapped in there too. I’m salty about this because know Bonnie is left alone and sad once more like she always is, she deserved more than this.

On the other hand, we got to see Alaric (Matt Davis) and Caroline break up which with all honesty was a blessing to me. I knew that relationship was fake. Therefore, I was expecting a single Caroline by the end of the season, but the writers surprised me but getting Stefan and Caroline together again. I personally do not approve this, he was an awful boyfriend and in my eyes their chemistry does not work, but that’s me. Also, this scene caused some fans to get angry because it looked like Caroline gave up her daughters for a man. I repeat Caroline deserved to be single, maybe still taking care of her daughters but without a love interest.

Anyway, so the mystery for next season is the fact of what is inside the Armory, what kind of creature is. Also, after a few months of Damon and Enzo being trapped in the vault, the gang found a way to open it and found it empty. So, for next season we have Denzo (Damon and Enzo) going back to being the bad boys.

What did you thought about this finale? Was it worthy? Did you liked it? Are you curious about what lies in the Armory? Remember to comment below.