Introducing Ashley Gerasimovich: Delilah on The Detour

Ashley Gerasimovich was born on February 1, 2004 in New York City, New York, USA as Ashley Elizabeth Gerasimovich. She is an actress, known for We Need to Talk About Kevin(2011), Fair Game (2010) and The Detour (2016).

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Ashley Gerasimovich as Delilah on TBS’s The Detour.

At a very young age you have already marked your name. What do you think has been the reason why you joined the industry in the first place?
Ans:  I actually have to give all the credit to my mom.  She started my older sister as a baby model and when I was born, I hopped right on board.  Then, my “terrible-twos” hit and my mom put me into semi-retirement.  When I was 5, our agent called saying they had an audition for me, and my mom reluctantly said “Okay”.  But guess what?  I booked that job! I’ve been loving it every since.
Not only you but your sisters are also in the same industry. How have you supported each other and what influence do you have on each other?
Ans: We support each other by being happy when one of us books a project.  We influence each other by rehearsing lines together and taking tips from each other.
Having been on movies as well, how different is it being on a series?
Ans: Being in a movie is usually a one time deal, while working on a TV show, you can go on for many seasons, which is something I look forward to.
The Detour is a comedy series on TBS. You have been impressive in it, what do we expect to see in the next few episodes in the aspect of the father being questioned?
Ans:  My father, Nate, being in an interrogation room obviously means he did something and they are trying to figure out exactly what’s going on.  You will just have to tune in to see what happens!
In the cast who do you ago along with the best? And what kind of relationships have you developed so far?
Ans: I get along with everyone on set, all the cast and crew.  I think the person I get along with best is Liam because he’s the only kid that’s been on set as much as I have.  As for relationships, Liam and I definitely developed a brother/sister bond, and Jason and Natalie have been like the aunt and uncle that will let you get away with things that your mom and dad wouldn’t in a million years!
What are your future plans in this industry? 
Ans:  I really want to continue and expand my acting career as I get older.  I really can’t wait to start exploring more mature roles and different genres – action, horror and so much more!  It’s so exciting just thinking about it!
You have done a lot of charity work. What made you start your work?
Ans: Well, when I became a Cadette in Girl Scouts, I needed to complete 120 hours of community service each year.  Another reason I started charity work is because I really like helping people.  It feels really good to make other people happy.
Who gives you the most support? And how have your friends been to you?
Ans: I think my family gives me the most support because they always feel happy for me whenever I book a new job.  My friends mostly treat me like a normal kid.  We hang out, get pizza and go to stores to window shop.
How was your audition? Do you have any rituals?
Ans: My auditions are really fun.  I love performing scenes and showing casting what I’ve got!  I like to be completely off-book, so I don’t focus so much on the lines and more on the acting.
What are your favourite movies and series?
Ans: I really like Fuller House.  I was a big fan of Full House and was so excited when the new show came out with the same cast.  It’s great! I’m also a big fan of the DC Comic movies.  I got to go to the premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and it was awesome!  I loved it!