Scandal (S05E21): “That’s My Girl”


Review: We are down to two presidential candidates, Mellie Grant and Francisco Vargas. In this episode we see how each candidate is trying to find the perfect vice-President. Surprisingly enough Cyrus asks David Rosen to be Vargas’s VP. Of course Rowan still wants Jake to be vice-President and with Edison gone he wants Francisco Vargas to pick Jake as his VP.  Cyrus isn’t happy about this, because he doesn’t anyone to interfere with Francisco Vargas’s campaign. Plus Jake is the one that killed his former husband. Rowan didn’t come empty-handed and is blackmailing Cyrus with “Harrisburg”. Cyrus goes to Olivia for help. Olivia still does not want to help Jake, because her father made it very clear what would happen if she would try to interfere with his plans. Olivia reconsiders when Edison also steps by to deliver a message Jake gave him, namely that ‘he want out’ and that he want’s Olivia to save him.

By now we know that you can’t just take command. Huck suggests that Olivia needs to become command, because that’s the only way to save Jake. Olivia decides to announce Jake Ballard as the vice-President of Mellie Grant. She then visits Jake and her father and commands Jake to get up and leave with her. Rowan points a gun to Jake’s head, but Olivia eventually calls his bluff and leaves the house with Jake. He wouldn’t shoot his “son”, would he?

Jake is immediately enjoying his freedom and want to live a normal life with Olivia in a normal house and wants to have a normal job. Olivia thinks otherwise. She hasn’t stood up to her father and got through all of this just to be “mediocre” or for Jake to live a normal life. And so she forces him to take the VP-ticket and go on stage with Mellie. Jake is right when he says he went from being Rowan’s bitch to being Olivia’s. In the meantime we see how David Rosen is informed that he isn’t going to be the one to be picked for the vice-presidency anymore. Instead Cyrus is the one who goes on stage with Vargas to be his VP. Apparently he also got back together with his husband, Michael, who had left him a few weeks ago and took their daughter, Ella, with him. Just earlier this day Cyrus was contemplating whether or not he should let Tom kill Michael. Are you serious, Cyrus? Like really? But right now, it’s all about Cyrus again. And he dumps Tom the moment he goes on stage. I’m not sure if this is the smartest thing to do since he is a trained assassin (B6-13) who killed numerous people, including the President’s son. But that is just a thought.

It’s only in the final scenes that we get to understand the bigger picture. Rowan is happily watching the announcement of each candidates vice-President on television while drinking wine.  It seems like everything has just worked out exactly the way he wanted it too. He never really wanted Edison to run and for Jake to be his vice-president. Nope, he wanted his daughter back in the White House. He wanted her to have her power back. Without realizing it, Olivia took over as command and by that she became her father’s greatest accomplishment, because “that’s his girl”.  She now has everything she needs to win the election.

This also means that  we will finally see Fitz leave his ‘prison’  aka the White House next season. But it’s nice to see he is supporting Mellie running for the Presidency although he did need a speech to not be his spoiled, egoistic, narcissist self for once. Also he found out about Olivia’s abortion. When Olivia informed Fitz about her decision to pick Jake as VP Fitz said something about supporting her decision which also sounded like he was telling Olivia that he supported her decision for having abortion as well. Although, I don’t think Olivia knows he knows. She has got other things on her mind anyway, like winning the election. And for that we will have to wait for next season to see what happens next. Both Cyrus and Olivia want back into the White House, but only one of them will succeed.