The Big Bang Theory (S09E24) “The Convergence Convergence”

Review: Last week we saw that Beverly, Leonard’s mom was upset that she never got invited to her son’s wedding, and Penny suggested that they would give a small ceremony to make up for it. Penny has invited her family, and Leonard has invited his dad, Beverly’s ex-husband. Sheldon invites his mother, Mary, as well and of course the rest of the group is invited too.

But this episode takes place before the ceremony. Let’s start with Howard and Raj. The guidance system is finally working and the minute it does, Howard receives an email from the Air Force that they want to speak to him about the system. Howard is afraid that the government might take over the whole project, so the rest of the episode revolves around him freaking out because he thinks “the government is out to get me”.

Back at the apartment, there is the usual tension between Mary and Beverly and when Leonard’s father Alfred arrives, the tension gets even worse. The whole group goes out to dinner later and surprisingly, Alfred and Mary get along very well. At the end of the night they leave the restaurant together and leave the rest of the group wondering what has happened between them. Both Leonard and Sheldon are a little concerned about the obvious hookup between their parents, all to the amusement of Penny.

The episode had a few good laughs, and it was great to see Christine Baranski, Laurie Metcalf and Judd Hirsch act together, but their plot was predictable. The storyline about the guidance system didn’t really interest me and I couldn’t get into it, although when I rewatched the episode later, it was pretty funny (yet not really a storyline that moved things forward). Because the A-plot was so predictable, the last few minutes of the episode were pretty anticlimactic and didn’t make it feel like a season finale at all.

Rating: 8/10

This season of The Big Bang Theory has been pretty good, especially comparing it to last season. This year was ‘Shamy’ heavy, but it was great to see how much their relationship changed and with that how much Sheldon grew (socially). Other developments have been Bernadette’s pregnancy, which has hardly been in the center of attention, but that will probably change next season, and Raj’s love triangle, which was what brought this season down the most. I hope to see that solved as soon as possible in the fall. At least next season has plenty of topics to cover, like Bernadette’s pregnancy (although I hope that it won’t take up too much time in storylines), the guidance system (I hope they really explore that more because so far I haven’t really cared for it) and of course the situation between Leonard’s father and Sheldon’s mother (that will probably be resolved in the season premiere). Anyway, I’m looking forward to it!

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