The Family: (S01E12) “What Took So Long?”


Ten years ago, the boys are in the bunker. Adam is screaming and trying to get someone’s attention. Ben says he tried that. No one is coming. Ben says its’ been too long, they think you’re dead. Adam says shut up and throws things around the bunker. Ben takes a spoon and starts scraping at the brick wall.

Back to the present day Willa is knocking on Claire’s door saying the press is there and she needs to come down for a picture. The press is already suspecting something is wrong. Willa says they just need to get through the next few months and then Willa will make Ben go away. Willa says she is sorry. Claire says well that makes it all better then. Ben can’t get his tie tied so he asks Claire to do it. She ties it for him. He calls her mom. She says don’t call me that. I know what you did to my son. She looks terrible. The photographers are in the living room. Claire takes her coat and leaves the house.

Officer Meyer hears a call from her partner Officer Clements to his husband saying he is OK and will be home in a few days. Meanwhile Officer Clements is lying on the floor and Jane sets out some canned food near him. Jane says Doug is taking her to Canada. She doesn’t want to go with him. She doesn’t know what else to do. Officer Clements says kids become their parents. She says in a few days she will call the cops and tell them where he is. He says he will be dead by then.

Claire goes to the bunker where Ben and Adam were kept for ten years. She walks around. She imagines a young Adam behind her saying Hi Mom. She turns and looks at him. She is crying. He asks her what took her so long. Poor Claire. She must be losing her mind. She says hello sweet one. He asks her why she is crying. She says she missed him so much. He says he was right here. Claire says she didn’t know. She hugs him.

I don’t know how many years ago this is but the boys are much bigger now and they are still talking about digging out.

Hank is out driving and a biker falls in front of him. The kid asks Hank if he can give him a ride. He just lives a few miles from here. Hank asks where is your mom? The kid says work. The kid’s mom would be pissed if she knew he rode out this far. The kid’s name is Devin. Hank gives his name as Jim. Hank agrees to give Devin a ride.

Bridey tells her boss she has the kid’s mom and a birth certificate. He says she can write the story.

Doug, Jane, and the baby are ready to leave. Jane asks Doug if he put the car seat in right. Doug asks Jane where the shotgun is. She says she doesn’t know. She asks him why he needs it. He says she knows why. She says he has a family. Doug says so do you. Jane says the gun is outside in the truck.

Officer Meyer is out in the woods asking a woman if there are cabins out there that have underground places. Suddenly Officer Meyer hears a shot and runs toward the sound. She sees a large spot of blood on the ground and a trail. She gets out her gun and follows the trail of blood to Doug. He is bleeding badly from the groin. Did Jane shoot him? Viewers are left to assume that Officer Meyer takes Doug into custody. We are not shown whether he survives or not.

Claire is still in the bunker talking to Adam. She asks how it happened. She said he had a dog and he wanted to give it a treat so they went to his truck. Claire said how many times did I tell you not to get in a stranger’s car. We went over this with you since you were five years old. You went with him like a lamb to the slaughter. You were so smart. How could you in this one moment be so stupid? Then she says she is sorry.

Three months ago the kids are all grown up and have their bracelets on when Doug asks as he comes downstairs. Adam puts his chains around Doug’s neck and tries to strangle him. Adam yells for Ben to help him but Ben does not help him. Doug throws Adam off of him. Doug says to Ben that isn’t on me. Adam is bleeding profusely from his head and lying on the ground.

Officer Meyer finds Officer Clements. He asks what happened to Doug? She says Jane shot him and left. Officer Clements says he never saw Doug. He can’t ID him. Doug always sent Jane.

At the Warren house Danny is eating and playing Texas Hold ‘Em on his laptop. Ben asks how to play so Danny explains. They play together for a while. Then Ben says to Danny that it wasn’t his fault that Doug took him. He says Doug took him from the arcade. Danny says no, you were at the park, not the arcade. Ben says no, my name is Ben.

Claire is holding Adam in the bunker and he says he has to go that he can’t stay forever. She asks him to stay a while longer. Meanwhile, the screen changes to the two boys from three months ago. Ben is lying next to Adam on the ground of the bunker. Adam isn’t moving and you can see the gigantic wound on the back of his head.

Willa goes to Bridey’s saying she can’t find her mom. Bridey tells Willa she is running the story saying that Ben is not her brother. Willa asks how are we back here again. Bridey says she found Ben’s mother. Her name is Sally and she works at the truck stop. Willa asks Bridey if she told Sally about Ben. Bridey says no. Willa asks if she wants money. Bridey says no. She wants a comment. Willa says this is bad journalism wanting to hurt families already hurting. Willa says Bridey will get her fifteen minutes of fame. One story makes her a hot flash in a dirty pan. Bridey asks what’s the offer Willa? Willa says unprecedented access to the governor’s mansion. First dibs on everything. You will be the boss of us until the end of time. Bridey says she would own her. Willa says you already do and leaves.

Officer Meyer and other police officers are at Doug’s other house where the dog is. They are playing with the dog but then he stops and looks sad. The dog is looking at a spot on the ground. Officer Meyer finds an electric fence. That is why the dog didn’t go further. Officer Meyer says there must be something buried there Doug doesn’t want found.

Hank has driven Devin home. Hank says he likes Devin’s house. They must have stopped for something to eat because the kid has a drink. Hanks says you should go on inside. He yells at Devin to get out of the car and Devin runs inside. He leaves his scarf behind.

Claire arrives home to find Willa waiting for her in the doorway. Willa says I canceled the rest of your day. Willa says if you aren’t planning on giving an acceptance speech tomorrow…Claire says she will give the speech. Willa says Claire looks all dirty. Claire says she went to the bunker and says Willa should go see it too. She says for ten years they were kept like an animal. It wasn’t his fault he became one. Claire asks where he is. Willa has an envelope with the money she gave Ben and says he is gone. What?!?!?!

John knocks on Hank’s door and barges in with beers and says they got Hank’s guy. Hank asks if John wants a glass. John thought it would feel different catching him. Hank sets the beers down and asks what he was like. John asks what kind of a monster takes a child. Hank says you’re asking me John? John says no then he says yeah. Hank says it’s just a desire that you know you shouldn’t have but you want it anyway. Like chocolate or whiskey. John says taking a kid is not like taking a Hershey bar. They talk about the difference between wanting something and taking something and knowing something is wrong.

Bridey tells her boss the story is on his desk then she says he should have given her a byline sooner. He goes into his office and in a box there is Bridey’s press pass. I don’t think she submitted the story.

Claire and Willa are driving in the rain. They find Ben. Claire asks what are you doing? Ben says trying to hitch a ride. Claire asks do you know how dangerous that is. Ben says yeah. That strikes me as funny as Ben was already kidnapped once for at least ten years. Claire tells Ben to come home. Ben says OK. Claire puts her arm around Ben and Willa takes his hand. Willa says, wait, I did something. I think Willa is talking about the fact that she told Danny about Ben.

The next scene shows Willa walking up to Danny in a bar. Danny doesn’t even say anything. Willa says you were right. I was going to tell you. Danny just looks at her. She says no I wasn’t. Willa says can you just give me a rope burn like in the old days? Danny still isn’t saying anything. Willa says she loves Danny. Danny walks away from Willa and she cries.

Claire is at the police station with Officer Meyer who says I think I found your son. We found human remains in the suspect’s back yard and forensics says it’s an adolescent boy. Officer Meyer says she will find him and lock him in a cage smaller than the one that the boys were in. Claire asks Officer Meyer what she needs. Officer Meyer says her DNA. Claire asks if there is enough of her son left to bury. Officer Meyer says yes. Claire says do it.

Claire, Willa, John, & Ben are together with Claire as she goes to make her speech. Claire thanks everyone for coming, Governor Lang for his gracious words last night, and all the voters. She says she would not be here without the support of her family. She says it is for them that she wants to make the state a better place. A safer place because we all have the right to feel secure in our own neighborhoods. We deserve a world where we can send the kids off to the bus stop in the morning without the fear they won’t come back. She says she will make that world a reality. She says great change does not come without great sacrifice and believe me we know that better than anyone. She says she is ready to do that for the brighter future they all deserve. She is so honored to be the next governor of the great state of Maine.

Meanwhile Hank is going through a box of stuff. He adds Devin’s scarf to the box. This brings up the question of how many boys Hank took and whether he did anything to any of them or not. We never find out the answer.

Bridey is dead and frozen in the woods by a log. Now who did that? I am thinking Willa. She would do anything to protect her secret.

Officer Clements and Officer Meyer are at the police station talking. The body at Doug’s place is not Adam. It is a kid taken way before Adam was taken.

Jane pulls up to a gas station with the baby crying and she asks someone with her to get out and go in and get something. It’s can’t be Doug. Who is it? We only see the person from the back but you can tell that it is a young man with a huge scar in the back of his head. It has to be Adam. Adam calls Ben from the gas station and says you took my life. I am coming to get it back. Ben doesn’t say a word. Claire cheerfully asks “Who is it, honey?” That is actually the final scene of the episode. I wonder if by this point the police have told Claire that the body isn’t Adam and she has decided to continue to pretend that Ben is Adam. Claire looks really happy in this scene.

Interspersed with the scenes of the phone call they show scenes of Jane, Doug, and Adam from the day that Doug got shot. Doug must have thought Adam had died and Jane must have hid him and kept him safe. Adam had the shotgun in his hands. He might have been the one to shoot Doug. Apparently there is a lot more to Jane than we thought. What did Jane think she was going to do? Run off with Adam and start a new family with the baby? Well, we know Adam has other plans as he just called Ben and told him he was coming to take his life back so Jane might be in for a few surprises.

This is the last episode in the series. The show was not renewed for a second season so our questions will remain unanswered. What are your theories on the unanswered questions? I would love to hear them. I am going to miss The Family. Will you?