Castle: (S08E22) “Crossfire”


The last episode begins with a guy driving his car, happy and singing. Hmmm…Why do I sense impending doom? He stops by an apartment complex and gets out a can of gas and pours it all over the car. Inside the trunk is a guy tied up. The driver pours gas on him and sets the car on fire and walks away. He has another car nearby that he drives off in.

The next morning Beckett and Castle are at a park with the phone that is supposed to ring at a certain time with a call from LokSat. Beckett’s LokSat partner Vikram is in a van nearby loaded with technical gadgets. Beckett says if anything goes wrong they shut down the operation immediately. They are scanning the crowd. The phone rings. A mechanical voice gives instructions. Vikram is unable to trace the call due to encryption.

Ryan, Esposito, & Laney are at the burn victim. Laney says the victim was alive when he was set on fire. Ryan says burned bodies always bother him. Ryan notices there are no security cameras in the area.

Castle hands Hayley binoculars. She hands them back and comes out with a guitar case and Rick knows there isn’t a guitar in there and Hayley says she doesn’t play music.

Vikram wants to turn in his resignation as soon as this LokSat thing is over.

Ryan and Esposito tell Beckett the getaway car from the fire has bigger tires in back than in front. They see Beckett talking to Vikram and ask if there is something they should know. Beckett says no.

In the next scene Hayley, Castle, & Beckett are all looking through their binoculars, cameras or giant scopes in Hayley’s case. No one sees anything. Vikram is there too. Beckett gets a call from Esposito but ignores it. They are watching a guy get out of his car and make a drop to a phone booth. Esposito calls Beckett with an ID on the victim. He says the victim is named Caleb who is the person who gave Beckett the phone used to communicate with Loksat. Beckett looks at the guy making the drop and figures out this is a set up.

The guy making the drop says Open Fire! A bunch of cars come up and out jump a bunch of people and they start shooting at Castle and Beckett. She throws Castle a gun.

A guy in a taco truck comes by and says get in. Castle and Beckett get in. It is a guy named Mason. Beckett pulls a gun on him. Rick says it is the head of the greatest detective agency who Castle met a few episodes ago. Beckett says that doesn’t mean we can trust him. Mason says Rick’s step mother sent him. Her name is Rita. Mason tells them not to tell him anything more. Mason has a jeep full of weapons and tells them to take whatever they need that it is all untraceable. Rick asks how to pay Mason back. Mason says solve his friend’s murder back in LA.

Castle says LokSat is going to keep coming after them. They talk about keeping their families safe such as Beckett’s dad and Rick’s mom and daughter Alexis. They hug and say I love you and that they will meet back at Rick’s office.

At the station, Ryan and Esposito are trying to figure out who killed their dead body, Caleb. Vikram is there and he tells Ryan and Esposito about LokSat. Beckett says you shouldn’t have told them. Esposito says to Beckett “No, you should have.”

Rick arrives at his office to men with guns. Hayley says stop it’s OK. Hayley has hired guards. Alexis and Rick’s mom are there. So at least Alexis and Martha are safe.

Beckett tells Ryan and Esposito a little more about LokSat as the guy who took out one of her whole teams. They also discover that the burn victim identified his killer using the name Right Hand Man. They find some video footage that shows the burn victim and his killer as he is setting him on fire.

Beckett and Castle are on the phone arguing about what they should do. Rick makes Beckett promise to stay at the precinct. She says she is safe there. They tell each other I love you. Ryan comes in and says they found the murderer. They have footage of him driving to his house. They see him get out of his car. A shell corporation owns the home. Now they have a live shot of the house and the car is still there. Beckett says she is going with them. Ryan says no you aren’t. You just promised Castle you are staying here. They get her to stay.

Castle, Alexis, and his mom are together at the office. Castle says he is going to the precinct. They say no. He says he will be fine. Hayley wants to go with him. Castle says he wants Hayley to stay and protect his family.

Beckett is watching a live feed of the raid of the house. They come out and say the house is empty. No Right Hand Man. No furniture. No nothing. They tell Beckett that he tricked us.

Meanwhile Rick gets in a cab and the driver is the guy, Right Hand Man, who burned Caleb alive. The same song is playing as when he killed the other guy and he says the same thing “Don’t you just love this song?” This show is giving me a heart attack!

Beckett, Ryan, & Esposito are talking at the station and Beckett says Mr. Right Hand Man knew they would come looking for him. Meanwhile Rick is attached to what looks like a lethal injection table. The guy identified as the Right Hand Man says Rick can call him Flynn. Flynn says Castle is going to tell him everything. He is going to give Castle truth serum. Flynn says within the hour you will tell me everything I want to know and then you will die.

Becket tells Ryan and Esposito she needs a miracle. She gets a call from Mason. She says I thought you were done with us. Mason says I may have a lead for you. He knows a guy who knows the dark side of the CIA. Mason says he is going to go talk to him alone as this guy trusts no one. Beckett says you don’t know the questions to ask. Mason tells Beckett to meet him at the corner of Grand and East Broadway. She sneaks out of the precinct.

Flynn is talking to Castle about how the drug will affect him and that forgetting how to breathe is kind of a drag. Flynn says he was raised by the state and never had a family and doesn’t understand families or love. Castle says let me go and I will give you a big hug. Flynn asks Castle about why he loves Beckett. Castle answers because she is the most incredible person. He never met anyone like her. She challenges him and makes him a better man. Sob. Castle says Beckett will find him and LokSat. Flynn says it is Beckett’s fault you are on this table. Does that make you regret your love for her? Castle says no.

Ryan and Esposito discover Beckett is gone. Vikram has found something. He has tracked down Right Hand Man’s phone number.

Flynn says he will not be questioning Castle. It will be his boss LokSat. Guess who walks up but Mason. Mason says surprise. So apparently Mason is LokSat.

Castle asks if the greatest detective agency is a lie. Mason says no. Mason is part of the CIA or was. Castle asks if his step mom is OK. Mason says yes. Mason wants to know who all knows about LokSat. Rick cries as he identifies those of his loved ones who know about him. Nathan Fillion is amazing in this scene. Mason says it will be a load off his mind to kill everyone who knows about him. Flynn says that was difficult to watch and that Castle must be finding it difficult to live with himself. Flynn hooks Castle up to another bag that will end his pain and will end everything.

Ryan, Esposito, and a bunch of other police officers are trying to get in to the CIA building where Castle is to look for Loksat’s right hand man. They face several men with guns.

The Right Hand Man, Flynn, says Castle has 12 seconds. Then Ryan and Esposito come in and shoot him in the hand before he can inject Castle with the medicine. Flynn says all communications will shut down.

Castle hooks Flynn up to the truth serum and says forgetting how to breathe can be a drag and that you are going to tell me everything I need to know.

Mason picks up Beckett.

Castle asks Flynn where Mason is taking Beckett. He answers here. There is a kill room here with an incinerator. Castle says how can I get a message to her. Flynn says you can’t. They shut down all communications. Castle asks how can I get out. Flynn says you can’t. The people guarding the building have more bullets than you do.

Mason asks Beckett how she formed such an attachment to Castle. He asks why she doesn’t just walk away. She says she took an oath. Mason says that is a lot to carry. Beckett says she doesn’t carry it all.

Ryan and Esposito are still shooting. Castle is looking around for an answer. He hits a fire hydrant through the wall. They throw Castle a gun. He goes into the wall.

Mason and Beckett have pulled into an underground parking garage. Mason pulls out a gun. Beckett pulls a gun too and tells him to put his gun down and says she knows it’s him. Mason has a magnet that makes her gun fly up to the ceiling. Mason’s gun is made of plastic so Mason still has his gun. Mason tells Beckett Castle is dead. He died about the time he picked her up. There is an incinerator there and Mason tells Beckett Castle is in there but then Castle comes down and kicks the gun out of Mason’s hand and Beckett takes down Mason. Castle and Beckett embrace.

The next morning Castle hugs his mom and daughter at his office as Hayley looks on. Beckett is at the precinct with Ryan and Esposito. They go out for drinks at 7 am with Vikram who says he isn’t going to retire. Laney goes with them. They say they got all of the people involved in the LokSat case.

At Rick’s apartment Rick says he is going to cook for them. He loves cooking for her. Castle turns on the gas stove and starts to ask Beckett a question. She is in another room. Someone comes in with a gun and shoots Castle. He falls to the floor bleeding. It is Caleb who is supposed to be the burned body in the trunk. He says he wouldn’t enjoy his retirement with them looking for him because he thinks Mason would tell the police about him. Beckett comes into the kitchen with a gun. Beckett and Caleb shoot each other. Beckett might have killed him. He stopped moving and shooting. Beckett falls down with blood on her shirt. Castle and Beckett crawl toward each other. Castle and Beckett are holding hands as they lay on the floor bleeding.

Then it shows seven years later and Castle and Beckett have a bunch of kids. Castle and Beckett are at the table holding hands and Castle says to Beckett every writer needs inspiration and I found mine. Beckett says always. Castle says always. So they steal a line from Harry Potter for their ending.

It was an exciting finale. Nathan Fillion did an excellent job showing his emotions and feelings for his TV wife and family. I hope that flash forward is real and not some dying dream the two have. We are not shown how Castle and Beckett are rescued from this situation. It was great to see them so happy together seven years later. What are your thoughts on the episode and especially the ending? I will miss the show greatly. It was one of my favorites and I faithfully watched every episode for eight years.