Fear the Walking Dead (S02E06): “Sicut Cervus”



Tonights episode of Fear the Walking Dead was pretty good, the writers are really doing a good job this season, as each episode goes on the show gets better and better in my opinion.

Lets just start off with Madison and Travis relationship which took a predictable turn, I say that because they are a blended family that came with baggage and children from a past marriage. We see that coming into affect in this episode as it finally blows up in there face.

We first saw Travis comforting Chris at the start of this episode. Trying to hinder his conscious of the fact that he shot Reed, without any cause, his excuse that he was going to turn into a walker.  Even though Travis has his own opinions on it, he’s there for his son since that is what parents do, although Chris has suspicions that Madison is the one blaming him for Reed, which we later see takes a toll on his relationships with others.

It then gets a little complicated especially after Alicia and Chris had a really confrontational scene, after he seriously asks Alicia whether or not she’s mad at him. Lets just face it, after he stood there watching Madison being attacked and froze and did nothing, the real question is who wouldn’t be?  Then the fact that he got all intense an angry and threatened her not to tell anyone, he practically stood in her way making sure she couldn’t get out, then he grabbed her. I mean wow, something is lose mentally, he hasn’t coped at all, seeing how he is acting out this way.

Its fairly obvious that Madison is a bit of a helicopter mum, especially when it comes to Nick, he addition to drugs and being the eldest son and first born attributes to this too. But it was such a nice turn of events when we Alicia and Madison shared that sweet scene near the end of the episode. We’ve known that Madison is a little absentee when it comes to Alicia which is why she made the mistake of talking to Jack in the first place, since her mum doesn’t look out for her to start with. But in saying this, it also helps Alicia be independent in the way that Nick will never be. We saw a glimpse of that in this episode, where is finally confesses that he hates killing, which we caught a minor second of earlier in the episode where he has to kill an innocent young girl who was turned.

So given that context of the current situation when Travis and Madison finally fight, its obviously to deal with the fact that Chris scared the living hell out of Alicia and he needs help. Unsure or maybe just a little unwilling to help him, they kind of go there seperate ways in this episode. Its highlighted even more so when Madison says “she’s my daughter” basically taking Travis out of the conversation, even though when Nick was of his drugs in those states he was always there to help, yet Madison isn’t as wiling to do the same with Chris.

Meanwhile, Strand is reunited with the man he loves, and this is probably one of the most emotional storylines that Fear the Walking Dead has dealt with. The fact that Strand loves this man so much, even after he coned him, says a lot and he cried when he first saw him. Seeing this vulnerable and more of an emotional side of Strand is something I wasn’t expecting at least not at this level of emotional intensity. Its actually really nice to see, then when he confesses to him that Madison is fierce. Theres two things I thought I wouldn’t of heard in the same sentence coming from Strand. The care that these two have for each other is really beautiful when he asked Madison to take care of Strand when he’s gone, the simplicity in that scene was really endearing. Then the fact that he shot him, in the last scene to take him out of his pain and misery, because he loved him to much to see him in that pain was just selfless. Definitely something I wasn’t expecting from Strand, knowing everything we do about his character, he had my empathy in that moment.

To say that Chris is off his hinges in an understatement because that final scene where he goes to Alicia’s room and we see her there laying wiht her mother. WOW that was just creepy, and when she screamed at him to get out, my heart was racing i’m intrigued to see where they are gonna take his character, cause this isn’t the road I thought he was going down, same with Nick and how sensitive he is.

Also just to mention, Ofelia we got to see kick a little ass today when the walkers were attacking everyone. She did get a little more screen time in tonights episode. It was nice to hear her recognise her mum, since she lost her, we haven’t gotten to hear her talk much about it since it happened. Seems like her and her father are on what seems like good ground, although there is still much more to go. 

With only one more episode to go I can’t see where Fear the Walking Dead will leave us. Anyways I’d love to know what you all thought of the episode. Tweet to us @tvserieshub or my account @SanjanaAnop cause I’d love to know what you thought