Game of Thrones: (S06E04) ‘Book of the Stranger’

This season of Game of Thrones has already delivered some amazing shots and plot twist. The fact that all of this new and exciting plots are happening so early on in the season says a lot about what viewers should expect. This weeks episode was not only emotional but very powerful as well. It has been six years in waiting… a Stark reunion has finally happened. It might not be the reunion a lot of people would have loved but it still spoke volumes about the love that exist between the siblings.

We also finally move forward with regards to the Khaleesi plot with a game changing ending as usual. Danny usually gets the best finale scenes and this week’s is right up her ally. However, even though this definitely stood out, I was completely drawn to the happenings in the North. The fight for the North has begun and I can’t wait to see all the pieces and families come together for that epic battle.

Another amazing episode added to an already phenomenal season.