Grey’s Anatomy (S12E23): “At Last”


Review: This episode shines a bright light on all the (not so) Lovie dovie couples at Grey Sloan Memorial. Let’s start off with Amelia and Owen. As the episode starts off we see that Owen just sold his trailer (read: Derek’s trailer) which upsets Meredith. Amelia and Owen went from being the messy, unstable on and off couple to a couple that discusses things like marriage and having children. Why take it slow when you can get married today, right. Owen even bought a house and asks Amelia to come live with him. Meredith and Maggie seem to think they are moving a bit fast now. And it might have something to do with the fact that everyone is moving on except for Meredith. Meredith accuses Amelia of being as arrogant as Derek was. She should get her own life instead of trying to raise her kids,  while living in her house, having her dead husbands job. Yes, Meredith is being mean and he words are counterproductive, because it eventually leads Amelia to ask Owen to marry her.

Callie and Penny went from being the impulsive, happy couple to the soon to be broken up coupe. Callie is avoiding Penny and it looks like Callie is blaming Penny for losing the custody battle. It could also be because she is mad at herself for rushing her decision to move to New York. Because she now has to ask Arizona politely every time she wants to have Sofia and/or wants to change schedules. As for Callie and Penny’s relationship. I don’t think it’s going to work out. Callie said she wouldn’t leave Seattle without Sofia, but she doesn’t want Penny to give up her research grant. And since she doesn’t believe in long distance relationships she thinks it is best to end it right now. Arizona tries her best not to gloat around Callie and to be reasonable, but Callie is still asking a lot of Arizona. Arizona clearly needs some time to process their custody battle and blames Callie for putting her though it.

Jackson and April. From sweet loving couple to a screaming, annoyingly dramatic couple back to being so overly communicative. But let’s keep going with this communication thing. So far it’s not troubling anyone.

As for Alex and Jo. When the grandmother of a patient of Alex’ tries to get Alex to go on a date with her daughter he starts thinking about his relationship with Jo. At the end of the day he tells Jo that he is ready to get married and that he needs to know that she will be ready someday too. Right now the ring Alex proposed to Jo with is just collecting dust. They still aren’t even engaged yet. But there seems to be something that is holding back Jo from saying yes, because towards the end of the episode she tells Alex she can’t marry him. Question is why?

The patient case involves a ‘couple’ as well. Kyle and Stephanie. The patient-doctor couple that went from not wanting to date each other to being soulmates in less than a day. Than Stephanie broke up with Kyle and left him a note, while he was still sick in a hospital bed. Both Kyle and Stephanie were heartbroken and Kyle isn’t planning to forgive Stephanie even though she’s still around when he’s getting treated at Grey-Sloan. His situation is getting worse, but he still doesn’t want to see Stephanie. Stephanie keeps apologizing and right before he is undergoing a dangerous surgery procedure he does accept Stephanie’s apology. They even decide they are ready to try again. Amelia is confident about the surgery, but unfortunately Kyle’s brain abscess bursts and there is not much Amelia can do about it. Kyle dies on the table, leaving Stephanie once again heartbroken.

Meredith continues to just being miserable and is trying to drag everyone down with her. She is taking her anger out on anyone who’s in her way. It’s mostly the happy (couple) people who are in her way. And especially Amelia. Meredith is reminded of Derek everywhere, but she also knows she needs (and wants) to move on.  When she is at her car ready to go home she starts taking it out on Riggs, who’s saying all the wrong things. This discussion leads to an unexpected, but not totally unpredictable, make-out session in the parking lot between Meredith and Riggs. It could be a onetime thing or it could be more. Who knows. Owen will definitely not be happy if he finds out about this and that’s already enough reason for me to support Meredith and Riggs.