Last Man On Earth (S02E18) “30 Years of Science Down the Tubes”

Review: Last week’s episode ended when Phil found out that Mike left because he was a threat to the gang. Phil goes to Tucson to get him to go back to Malibu, he finds Mike in their childhood home. They start hanging out together there and bond over the stuff they made when they were kids. However, all Mike wants is for Phil to go back to Malibu. And while Mike is getting weaker, Phil keeps making jokes about everything, to avoid the thought of having to live without is brother, again. All to the annoyance of Mike who just wants them to say goodbye now before he actually dies. Mike gets angry at him for acting like a child and even tells him that he didn’t accomplish anything in this world, until he was the last one left. Mike’s unexpected fit is later resolved when he apologizes, but when he realizes that Phil had to bury their parents, he wants Phil to leave even more so that he doesn’t have to go through it again. When Mike tells Phil it’s his dying wish that he’d just go home, Phil finally gives in.

Back in Malibu, the group sees the drone that (drunken) Gail saw earlier. They try to find out where it comes from, but Melissa shoots it down because she’s afraid that the people that sent the drone are “trouble”. After almost shooting Carol, Melissa explains that she doesn’t feel safe out there now that it seems they are not the only ones left and that it’s impossible to create a society in the post-virus world. But Carol tells her that she is motivated to make this new world a great place to live and brings back the optimism in the group.

While the group has gotten a little hope back thanks to Carol, Phil and Mike say goodbye in the strongest and also most emotional scene this episode. While they hug, they both realize that this will be the last time that they see each other. Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte are really amazing in this scene and it gets even better when Phil gives Mike his sports balls. Phil’s buddies have gotten him through some tough times, but he knows that Mike will need them more so that he doesn’t feel so alone. And while it may not seem like much, it does mean a lot to Mike.

When Phil is back home, the group seems to have found back the peace they were in before, but then Gail notices a boat, with three other survivors. One of them is Pat Brown, the first person Mike met when he just returned to earth. The three are on their way to land carrying guns, which raises a lot of questions about the safety of the gang. We’ll have to wait until season 3 to see what happens next…

What a fantastic finale to an amazing season! The dynamic between Forte and Sudeikis was very good in this episode. They played off of each other very well and had great chemistry, both in the comedic and the dramatic scenes. Only Last Man On Earth can make a haircut scene so dramatic and funny at the same time, which illustrates how the whole second season has been: throughout the episodes, Last Man On Earth has been able to find the perfect balance between comedy and drama. Part of this has to do with the character of Phil, who deals with tragedy by making jokes about it, like he did in this episode. And the best thing is that the writers always find the perfect moment to make a joke, even though the situation doesn’t necessarily calls for it.

Of course you can’t expect only good things to happen in a world that has been hit by a deadly virus and I think it’s great that the writers are not afraid to point this out and write dramatic storylines. But comedy still has the upper hand and the humor on this show is fantastic, making Last Man On Earth one of the best shows on TV right now.

Rating: 10/10 (This is only the second time I have ever given an episode a perfect score, the other time was also for Last Man On Earth, for the episode “Silent Night”.)

Thanks for reading and my reviews for Last Man On Earth this season, it has been a pleasure writing them! See you next season!