Quantico: (S01E22) ‘Yes’

The show obviously had a lot of cleaning up and explanations to add for viewers to understand the big revelation, but should it have been piled into one episode? No, definitely not. I always find this annoying when it comes to shows like Quantico. Too much information added in to explain what really happened can ruin the quality of an episode.

I hoped that the writers could have given more Liam hints like something he said that was suspicious, something we somehow missed the first time we heard it. I also wasn’t a fan of his reasoning behind his actions. I felt like this whole terrorist persona was dumbed down a bit even after all the brilliant moves throughout the season.

The ending felt unnecessary as well. I didn’t get why someone had to die, especially Simon. I know its because he felt to blame for the previous explosion but I felt like Liam won after that death. After a long season of endless clues, I felt a bit disappointed by the finale but this doesn’t mean the episode wasn’t strong. It was good and straight to the point, but I needed more.

I will be tuning in to the new season if its renewed.