The Detour: (S01E07) “The Road”

It all begins by the cops blaming Nate for not loving his wife, like any person he rejected and has a walk down memory lane.

We see him tell the children how he met Robin (Mom), like any person he too decided to make up parts which sucked. But this episode was all about how people lie to make things perfect.

In reality he met Robin because Vanessa (Robin’s sister) invited him to a ‘party’ which turned out to be a funeral. She did stuff to him but left him after he rejected her advances. He ends up stumbling to Robin. They throw out words to each other and part ways. But they meet outside again where he gives her a bouquet which he steals from the funeral. It all goes south when Vanessa shows up, the same pack of cocaine she had handed before to Nate was with Robin now as they tossed it back resulting in it exploding and them getting high.

This lead to more moments, he ends up getting her pregnant and the children are born. Quite a story. But we also saw some funny moments but you could call them inappropriate like making the comments of being of the same genes part or blowing a condom like a balloon. 

However all in all, the whole point was for Nate to show that the whole truth can be dangerous. His words turn out to be true as Jared discovers his id name is Jarob. But even worse Robin along with the kids leave because Nate lied about the call and a lot more.

The real lesson is: 

• Do not lie to a women even if they lie to you. There is no going back for you 😂

• Telling someone to relax never helps.