The Odd Couple: (S02E09) “Chess Nuts”


The show opens with Oscar on a dating web site trying to upload a profile picture. Teddy comes by and says he is there to borrow Felix’s chess set for his son as his son is no good at sports. Felix walks in and Teddy asks if he can borrow the chess set. Felix says oh he’s given up on athletics? Good for him. His teen age years will be free of injuries. LOL!

Felix says he has resolved his issues with Norman the door opener. He won’t do anything other than open the door. He won’t wipe glass. He wears his hat at a rakish angle. Felix says he sent a strongly worded text with lots of emoji’s to the building manager. Oscar says you shouldn’t have done that as the apartment is still in Gabby’s name. Gabby is Oscar’s ex-wife.

Oscar takes the elevator down to the doorman and offers him tickets to smooth over the situation. Felix takes the stairs down and they get downstairs at the same time. Felix apologizes but Norman says he has been issued a warning. Norman also informs Oscar that now his rent will be going up and he will owe back rent.

To try to make more money Oscar is betting on all kinds of different sports. Felix and Dani come in. Oscar explains that he has to come up with $10,000 for the back rent. Felix says he paid his half. Dani tells Oscar this is not good because he has a problem with gambling.

Teddy arrives with Andre. Apparently Felix sent a chess video but Teddy and Andre fell asleep while watching it. I can’t imagine why anyone would fall asleep watching a video of chess. Felix agrees to show Andre the basics of the game. Oscar is still yelling at all his TV screens. He has multiple TV screens with a different sport showing on each one.

Felix says he used to play chess nationally when he was a child. Oscar asks “Don’t some people play chess for money?” Felix talks about those who play in the parks for money. Oscar wants Felix to play for money because if Oscar doesn’t come up with the money he will have to move in with Dani. Dani says if that is your backup plan you need another backup plan.

Felix and Oscar go to the park. Felix has this idea that they would pretend to be tourists from Iowa. They find a game. Felix gets beat and they lose money. Felix says this gentleman is very very good. Maybe they will let me try again. Felix goes on to win four games in a row.

Oscar is looking at piles of money with Dani in Langford’s. Felix has been playing chess in the park for a few days. Oscar says in just a few days he has made half of the money that he needs. Emily says Felix is acting weird lately. He has been talking to himself and canceling plans. Emily says for example, Felix left a bowl of oatmeal in the sink, unwashed. Gasp!

Oscar and Dani are talking about her helping him with the show. Things are going well. Oscar says he couldn’t do the show without her.

Emily has been snooping around the internet about Felix playing chess nationally. She finds a clip of Oscar playing chess from 1984. He began the game with confidence but a series of surprise moves left him rattled until pressure took its toll and Felix threw over the table. Emily says to Oscar “Look what you have done. Created a monster.”

They track Felix down and he is playing chess with multiple players in a room somewhere. Oscar says he will find other ways to make money. Felix says he made the money and hands it to Oscar. Emily wants Felix to come back home and stop saying things like king takes queen when they…you know. Felix says he wants to get back into playing nationally. Emily says they saw the video of when Felix blew up. Felix ignores them and keeps playing chess with the multiple players. He might be teaching them. He yells at the players like a drill sergeant. It is hilarious.

Felix arrives at the apartment. Emily and Oscar are there with Joshua Norwalk, Felix’s old chess opponent from the video. Felix asks Emily and Oscar for a word and Felix asks why they invited Joshua here. They want him to play Joshua. Teddy brings Andre over for his lesson. Felix lets Andre sit by him when he plays Joshua. Felix figures out that they paid Joshua to throw the game to give Felix his confidence back because Joshua exposes his queen too early. Felix says what about the money? Oscar says it’s OK; he sold one of his signed baseballs and paid the back rent. Felix decides he doesn’t want to play chess anymore. Andre announces he doesn’t want to play chess anymore other. He wants to dance. Felix suddenly remembers his cereal bowl in Emily’s sink and runs out of the apartment. Too funny.

Oscar and Felix come in and talk to Norman and say they signed the lease and Felix is a full-fledged tenant now. They put an arm around each other and say yes, they made it official. A neighbor comes by and says “Congratulations.” The neighbor assumes they are gay. LOL! Oscar wants to correct her but then decides to just leave it alone. Since Felix is now an official tenant, Felix hands Norman a list of things he can do to improve. Oscar drags Felix away so they can go upstairs but again, Oscar makes Felix take the stairs.

It was another cute episode of The Odd Couple. I love this show. It was just announced Monday that that it has been renewed for a third season. I am so happy about the renewal. Are you happy for another season of The Odd Couple?