Bates Motel (S04E10): “Norman”


In tonights episode,  alot of things changed for the new opening a new door and dynamic for the storyline for the last season next year. 

Norman starts of with him dreaming of him and his mother when he was young. Lets just get this straight out there Norma Bates is dead at thats finale. I truly hope that Vera Farmiga gets some recognition for her role as Norma since this is the last time we will see her, she’s underrated and truly deserves the awards for this role. She’s been incredible to watch.

Unlike the usual cop scenes in Bates Motel, this one is different, they are questioning Romero as they believe it is an attempted suicide, which is ironic. I mean the look on Romero’s face says it all when Norman clearly did it, and this time he’s gonna prove it. His love and commitment for Norma is really beautiful, his love for Norma was my personal favourite part of their relationship. 

Norman is clearly crazy but the fact that he’s waiting for his mother to show up is a bit saddening in a way when you see him throwing his meds away. Then having to see Romero go to the morgue to put his ring back on Norma, it was heartbreaking.

Obviously when the detective comes back and questions Norman on Romero’s suggestion, he badmouths him back. We said goodbye to a lot of characters in this final not just Norma, but Dylan and Emma. That phone call between the brothers was sweet, cause even after everything that Dylan has been through with his family he still cares for him which must of hurt when Norman told him not to come back. 

The funeral for Norma ends up just being Norma there all by himself, he basically looses it. Then Romero coming in adds to the intensity of the situation, I’ve got to give it up to him for that punch though finally I’ve waited four years for that and I was totally satisfied.

Just when you think Bates Motel, can’t get any creepier, Norman digs his mothers body up and brings her back home and superglues her eyes open. Lets just say I didn’t need to see that, but the creepiness of this show is what is so intriguing and brings me back, this is definitely one of the most creepy episodes ever. 

I can’t wait to see what there going to do next season. Until then. Tweet me @SanjanaAnop I’d love to know what you thought about the season finale??