Chicago Fire (S4E23): “Superhero”

This wasn’t a groundbreaking episode, but it built upon past episodes wonderfully. With that said, I really enjoyed watching this episode. A lot of the times, Chicago Fire doesn’t make me as interested as the other shows in the One Chicago franchise, but last night, I was sold.
I found it very interesting that they combined Matt’s conversation with the clean up crew at Dawson’s new place, but honestly, this plot arch is starting to get on my nerves. I like Dawson and Casey disagreeing about when the right time to have a child is (or in this case, adopt), but for Casey to be so disinterested when he was once wanting to start a family doesn’t make sense. The writers are correct to flesh something out, but they’re missing the right moments. This is too predictable of a conflict at this point. Dawson and Casey need to make clear what is happening and need to stop lingering. 
Can we please talk about Dawson in the burning building for a moment? I mean, that literally had me on the edge of my seat! I was so scared for her, and of course they had to cut to commercial break right with the blast. But then, after all my emotions were already built up, she official became a mother to Louie. Did anyone else start crying? Because I couldn’t control it. I am thrilled to see this relationship unfold. And, Louie is pretty darn cute too. Again, the director highlighted how far Dawson and Casey’s lives had drifted apart, while Dawson cares for Louie during his first night with her and Casey is out drinking at a business dinner. I think these moments were really important to show the confusion in life and the way people come to make decisions. Casey needed to be shown a pathway of his future and he needed to choose which he desired. I can only hope he chose Dawson for true love opposed to trying to run from something else. 
Now…That cliff hanger. Oh. My. God. Grant is a really interesting character. I’m excited to see what the writer’s will do with his character development and how much we’ll see of him in the future  This ending was just so intense, I don’t even know what to think. What are your predictions? Let me know!