Chicago Med (S1E18): “Timing”



“Timing” felt more like a rewind than anything else. Most of the plot lines were repeated or re-elaborated again, which is fine to an extent. I just left the episode not feeling like I had learned anything new, or that the character’s hadn’t grown much. 

The few new things were interesting and I’m curious to see how they will change the dynamic of the show, especially the arrival of Jeff Clark, who clearly seem like a love interest for Dr. Manning. 

Now here’s the thing about Reese. I’m all for her confusion, and I’m honestly glad she quit Pathology because that never felt right, but we know that already. It felt destined. I want more, I don’t want her stuck in this confused state for so long. I hope she begins to find her place, and happiness, at the hospital. She’ll need a job first, I guess. 

Now if anyone deserves a pat on the back for their performance in last night’s episode, it’s Dr. Rhodes (or the actor, obviously). This was an emotional episode for Rhodes, but he did a tremendous job. And that beach at the end? Someone get me a plane ticket there immediately. I’m serious. 

As a first season, Chicago Med paved the way for a successful run on NBC. The finale didn’t offer a lot of suspense (certainly unlike Chicago Fire), however, I believe the show will be able to pull interest back for Season 2 without it.