Fresh Off The Boat (S02E23) “The Manchurian Dinner Date”

Review: It’s the end of the school year and as a gift Louis and Jessica give the boys an all-you-can-eat dinner at the Cattleman’s Ranch. They can all invite someone and Eddie thinks of taking Alison. When he asks her to come, but tells her that his mom wants him to date a Chinese girl, Alison freaks out. To calm Alison down, Eddie proposes to let them meet before the dinner, in a casual setting. Jessica is ready to start the judging, but when a Chinese girl shows up for their date, pretending to be Alison, Jessica couldn’t be happier. Eddie is confused and calls his girlfriend, who explains that she was afraid to meet his mom and that that’s why she sent her friend Audrey instead. Eddie tells everybody right away that she’s not Alison, but has a hard time telling Jessica because she loves ‘Alison’ so much.

Meanwhile, Louis is helping Emery with his valedictorian speech for his elementary school graduation ceremony because apparently he is an expert at it (the flashbacks with some of his speeches were very funny). He tells Emery to write the speech on his hand to make it seem spontaneous so that it looks more heartfelt, but in fact Emery really does improvise his speech and thanks all of the family members for getting him through elementary school.

Grandma Huang tries to make a suit for Evan because his mom (who’s his date for the dinner) has already seen him in all his other clothes. But Grandma Huang finds out that making a suit is a lot harder than she thought it was and messes up.

At Emery’s graduation, both Jessica and Eddie finally come clean. Jessica tells Eddie that she doesn’t like his girlfriend because she’s so perfect that it’s boring, and Eddie tells her that that’s not really Alison. Eddie introduces Jessica to the real Alison and at the graduation dinner, they get along very well. Emery has invited Audrey as his date because they have a lot in common. Their chemistry together in this episode was pretty great, and it would be fun to see more of them together in season 3. And Evan shows off his new suit, made by Grandma and it looks great on him.

It had been a while since we last saw Alison and I had forgotten about her a little bit. Where it’s usually Eddie who screws up, it was fun to see that he had nothing to do with swapping Alison for a Chinese girl. I already expected that Jessica would eventually like the real Alison, but I didn’t expect that she would find Audrey boring and I think it’s great that Jessica acknowledges that Eddie needs someone with more personality, like he has. Even though I felt like there wasn’t as much humor in this episode as in others, I thought all storylines were sweet and of course the cast was great again. I can’t wait till the season finale next week!

Rating: 8/10